F16 Viper is the new strike force of US private Air Force

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The American private company Top Aces, a private Air Force company, has acquired a 4th generation F-16 fighter and will be the new strike force of the private military. Top Aces and F-16 go down in history as the first private army to acquire this type of fighter.

F16 Viper is the new strike force of US private air force
Photo credit: Kiler Noe

The delivery of the four second-hand F-16A / B ‘Netz’ fighters, which belonged to the Israeli Air Force, took place earlier this year, and the first test flight took place this month.

Top Aces is a private US air force operating various warplanes. The Pentagon often hires this company to support the regular US Air Force in different parts of the world. Top Aces is expecting to continue to support the Pentagon’s ground, air, and naval operations with the new acquisition.

There are many private armies in the world. The most famous Russian private army, for example, is Wagner. Unlike his American counterparts, however, Wagner operated primarily on third-generation fighters, such as improved versions of the MiG-29.

A veteran of Iraq

In May this year, Top Aces performed the first test flight of the F-16, as we announced above. The flight took place in Arizona at Mesa Gateway Airport and lasted just over an hour.

The F-16 fighters delivered to the private army have their military history. For example, they took part in the Israeli attack on the nuclear reactor in Iraq in 1981 and shot down a Russian MiG-29.

According to preliminary information, Top Aces plans to acquire at least 29 fighters of this type in total.

Many military analysts say it will be of genuine interest to observe how the private army, which is based in Canada, will use these fighters in the future. Top Aces are an expensive private army and perform relatively complex operations in support of the American military.

The private air force receives large contracts with the Pentagon

In the United States and the production of weapons technology, private companies are another profitable business. The Pentagon has never hidden the use of such services. In 2020, for example, it became clear which private sector companies will provide support to US troops around the world.

Draken International, Airborn Tactical Adventure Company, and Tactical Air Support were funded for the next five years by nearly $ 430 million, each with a specific mission. The funds will go mainly to train new personnel enlisted in the US Army, and for this purpose, the companies will use five air bases selected by the Pentagon.

Separately, the United States is providing about $ 6.4 billion to other private companies with more specific and dangerous missions around the world. Analysts at The Drive say the business is starting to multiply. It is only a matter of time before seeing the first fifth-generation fighter in the private air force. Will it be an F-22 or an F-35? Time will tell.


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