USAF plane in Iran’s airspace. Is the radio signal suppressed?

MOSCOW, (BM) – A strange incident occurred in Iranian airspace involving a US Air Force military reconnaissance aircraft and a “passive” defense of Iran. According several Russian sources, the American reconnaissance plane Lockheed E-3P Orion entered the airspace of Iran and stayed for at least an hour.

US plane in Iran's airspace. Is the radio signal suppressed?
Photo credit: Flightradar24

Iran is not using an air defense system or any other missile defense system to open fire on the American violator and attack him accordingly. According to Russian sources, the reconnaissance plane carried out a reconnaissance mission in the Strait of Hormuz and entered the airspace of the Islamic Republic.

Military experts say Tehran’s “passivity” is understandable only if they have used an American plane “experienced bunny” and tested an electronic system to suppress the American intelligence radio signal.

However, there is also a “mirror possibility.” The US reconnaissance aircraft could be equipped with an electronic air defense jamming system to jam the Islamic Republic’s radars.

Whichever of the two cases is true, there was a distortion of the radio signal, which led to the wrong positioning of the actual location in the aircraft’s air.

Not for the first time

This incident is not an isolated case in which an American military plane is alleged to be violating Iran’s airspace. In mid-June 2019, a US military transport plane with 35 US troops and escorted by a drone also entered Iranian airspace.

At the time, Amir Ali Hadjizadeh, Iran’s air defense cousin, said Tehran had had the opportunity to shoot down the plane but chose not to do so.

“We could have shot it down, but we didn’t, because when we shot down the drone, we sent a warning to the American terrorist forces,” Hadjizadeh said.

The downed American UAV

However, Iran did not show passivity the same year when it shot down an American reconnaissance drone that entered its airspace.

This strained relations between the United States and Iran, with the accusations again reciprocal and no one is acknowledging the enemy’s claims. The United States claimed that its drone had not entered Iran’s airspace, while Tehran claimed otherwise.

The incident prompted Mike Pompeo, then secretary of state, to threaten Tehran later that week and warn that even if just a single American soldier been killed, the US would draw Iran into a war.


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