China is left alone in space. Will Beijing spy on other countries?

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – The International Space Station will retire soon. So far, the year is known – 2024. The United States, Japan, Canada, and Europe are preparing a new equivalent of an international space station called the Lunar Gateway.

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After the retirement of the International Space Station and the construction of the Lunar Gateway, there will be a period in which China will be the only country in space with its space station.

Tiangong or Heavenly Palace is an ambitious project for a lasting space presence in China’s space. Work on it has already begun, with Beijing already sending the first module from the station – Tianhe-1 – into space on April 29, 2021.

Tianhe-1 is the main of several modules launched into space in the coming years to build the Chinese space station. This module is designed to provide living support and accommodation for a three-member crew.

What will the Chinese space station be used for?

There are many opportunities for a country to become part of such a project or do it. Research activities have always been an asset in a territory that we dare say is unknown to man.

Physical, chemical, and biological research projects will occur at the new space station, but there is an entirely different possibility. Military intelligence and foreign espionage remain the hidden trump card for securing Chinese superiority.

International experts fear this possibility. For a while, only China will be in space. Of course, some argue that to prevent such a possibility, the International Space Station could receive an extension of its life. However, this isn’t easy to do now, as this station is very severely depreciated. There is no guarantee that it will continue to operate normally in the coming years.

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With the development of its military industry and the fact that the world knows very little about China’s real potential, a celestial space palace may be only part of a well-planned military strategy.

The Chinese monopoly in space may not be what we think

However, other military experts believe that China will not allow espionage while in space. The reason for this is that until now, Beijing has not been accepted into the ranks of the International Space Station, and now it will seek more partnership than confrontation in space.

At the moment, China has a suitable opportunity to regain its self-confidence. Especially after Beijing recently received criticism from NASA for “space debris” flying menacingly to Earth without anyone even knowing where it would fall.

Some experts believe that there are already “signs” that China is becoming more open to the world in space. Europe, for example, is already training Chinese astronauts and “tycoons.”

Russia’s refusal is an opportunity for China

The Lunar Gateway is an ambitious global project to replace an existing international space station. One of the primary missions of this new space station will be to act as a “stopover” for spacecraft and rovers that have a final destination – the moon.

At this stage, Moscow flatly refuses to participate. The reasons can be any – from reluctance to the construction of a Russian space station. But some analysts say Moscow believes the lunar portal is more American-oriented, and the Russians would find it difficult to adapt to such a facility.

This opportunity is another one for Beijing. Russia’s refusal to be part of the Lunar Gateway, for now, allows China to take the lead in cooperating with other space programs. We remind you that Beijing has already signed an agreement with Moscow to build a joint facility on the moon.

Steffi Paladini believes that China is given a leading role in space, and if Beijing shows goodwill to cooperate, it will reduce tensions not only in space but also on Earth. After all, space is a vast space, but also expensive. For any country in the world, cooperation and collaboration with other nations is always an advantage.


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