Bernie Sanders: ‘We cannot allow the sale of weapons to Israel’

WASHINGTON, (BM) – US President Joe Biden is trying to sell new bombs to Israel and seems to be doing precisely the same thing as his predecessor Donald Trump, trying to avoid a debate in Congress. As we announced earlier this week, the deal is worth about $ 735 million.

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However, US Senator Bernie Sanders is trying to stop the sale of Biden by preparing a special resolution blocking the actions of the US President in this case. According to Reuters, this is a symbolic action by the House of Representatives.

“At a moment when U.S.-made bombs are devastating Gaza, and killing women and children, we cannot simply let another huge arms sale go through without even a congressional debate,” said Sanders, an independent who votes with Democrats.

Joe Biden sharply criticized similar actions years ago by Donald Trump. The latter tried to bypass Congress and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia after the Iranian drone attack on the Aramco oil refinery.

Today, Bernie Sanders is attacking the possibility of the United States arming even more Israel. Many political scientists believe that his efforts will be in vain, as the House and Senate “look with different eyes” at the state of Israel. The deal is likely to happen, Doina Chiacu and Patricia Zengerle predict.

However, Senator Sanders is giving severe thought after his statement was directed against the sale, asking whether the United States was the cause of the war in the Middle East, arming Israel with domestically produced weapons every year.

Many Democrats have said they will not support Sanders’ resolution, with many citing a shaky procedure stating that Sen. Sanders must submit such a resolution within 15 days before the vote.

We remind you that almost immediately after the outbreak of the “rocket war” between Israel and Gaza, US President Joe Biden supported the actions of the Israeli military and said that “Israel has the right to defend itself against missile attacks.” Later, however, Biden’s hasty final comments played a bad joke on him after Democrats pressured him to do everything possible to stop Israel from bombing.

However, his efforts were unsuccessful, which can be considered a failure on the international stage. After all, Egypt was seriously engaged in negotiations between the warring parties in the Middle East and today reached a ceasefire.

Earlier, we announced that Egypt would continue to act as a mediator between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, monitoring compliance with the ceasefire agreement by sending two working groups, one to Israel and Gaza.

What is happening in the area?

israel palestine map
Photo credit: Quora

The violence began after the focus fell on controversial judicial and political actions over the Palestinian-populated Sheikh Jara district of East Jerusalem. An Israeli court initially ruled that Palestinians should be evicted from the neighborhood and be populated with Israelis. A hearing on the eviction followed, but it never ended last Sunday and was postponed.

On Monday, May 10, Jerusalem was subjected to a brief rocket attack by al-Quds and Hamas with a request on the eviction decision. Israel did not comply with the Palestinians, which led to a retaliatory strike and a rocket fire between the two countries for the second day in a row.

According to a field source, Israel has involved fighter jets and tanks in the conflict, which are hitting 130 targets in the Gaza Strip. These goals are related to the Hamas movement. According to the Israeli authorities, these goals are also associated with terrorist organizations.

The international community welcomes the actions of Israelis and Palestinians, but as statements from both sides make clear, both sides may reach no agreement soon.


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