Shadow of Nazism is creeping into Israeli ideology

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – I write these lines with the clear awareness that I will not win friends, and there will be more people who will not like me. I don’t know, but I don’t care!

Accuse me of not being a Jew, of not living in Israel. Accuse me of not being a Palestinian, of not living in Gaza. I am not a Muslim, but I am not religious either. I do not know the mentality of the Middle East, and I am not breastfed with “Jewish milk” or Palestinian DNA.

Yes, I’m not all that, but I’m human. I have eyes for human weakness and hypocrisy.

The Jews have a complicated destiny. Knowing the biblical history of the world, these people were persecuted, humiliated, killed, and despised, forced to wander the world to find their place “a piece of land” on which to settle, love, and live.

To test their will, even more, the universe decides to “give” them World War II with a terrible enemy – the Nazis. Dark times are coming for these people, whom I know as hardworking and compassionate. Years of humiliation and persecution are coming. Black and gloomy years are coming in the human history of gassed, burned, dismembered, depopulated, and tortured people in a laboratory. Times that are so bleak, insulting, and shameful that today, in 2021, the world has not yet shaken them off. Maybe the world will never do it.

What is the guilt of a child to be killed? Is it the child’s fault if he observes the Qur’an and is a Muslim? If this child is Palestinian, is he guilty? If the child is Israeli or an Indian, is he guilty?

Should a person who works from morning till night and feeds his family is categorized as a Jew or a Palestinian or Muslim and a Christian? Isn’t it more correct to be defined by society as a “good” or “bad” person?

In recent hours, the world’s media has been intensely covering the news of the battered and blown up building that houses the offices of several media outlets, including Al Jazeera and AP. This news displaces the public point of view, emphasizing “to preserve freedom of the press and speech.”

The world is crying over the building, and is happy that Benjamin Netanyahu has informed Joe Biden that he will bomb the building. Biden has advised the Israeli leader to defend “freedom of speech” and evacuate journalists.

Am I the only one who sees this cynical hypocrisy spreading in the world media? My question is, when will these two leaders decide to “evacuate” civilian life in both countries? When someone in this confused world chooses to stand up to Israelis and Palestinians and take them into account, why use military weapons against civilians?

“Hamas uses Palestinian children as shields” is Israel’s daily excuse. Dudes, if you haven’t learned how to eliminate your enemy in the last 73 years without killing children or civilians, then you have a serious fucking problem. This problem has a name – Nazism.

Israel’s political ideology, combined with the selfless support of the world and the United States for them, is so hypocritically transparent and elementary vulgar that if Hitler were alive today, he would most likely unite with Israel against a common enemy. And the world would support this union, and Bono would give concerts.

Let’s face it – just as Hitler once tried to “cleanse the world of Jews,” today Benjamin Netanyahu is evicting Palestinians from their homes and soon from the West Bank. Footage of humiliated, beaten, persecuted, and insulted Palestinians by Israelis in Jerusalem has traveled the world. I ask again – what is the difference with the Nazis?

Israel has the right to defend itself. The Palestinians have exactly the same right. If you don’t like my opinion – fuck you too! If you want to humiliate, kill, or wipe out enemy soldiers, I don’t care too.

But what is the guilt of a child or civilian to be killed?

*genocide – the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.


Boyko Nikolov / owner of

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