That’s why the Iron Dome missile system is so effective

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – In recent days, we have seen various photos from the scene: Israel. The flash fingers of AFP photographers took photos. According to Chinese mythology- yin and yang, beautiful golden lines over the Israeli sky are describing through their trajectory the two opposites.

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But don’t be fooled. These are not simple fireworks that should impress us, but complex computer technologies we need to protect.

To better understand the Iron Dome missile system, we need to understand the Israeli desire for life. Because the Iron Dome was designed with the spirit of Israeli history, with the DNA of the local population with the dream of a military minister in the past.

Ironically, those who suffer today from the success of the Iron Dome are precisely those who “created” it – Hamas. In 2001, the Palestinian movement began using “smarter” missiles with short and significantly short range. Israel didn’t prepare for such a development.

Then, Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz decided to create the Iron Dome. But the project is so “fantastic” that it is beginning to receive mocking comments from almost all players on the military-political scene. And if Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, were not the man to believe in him and invest billions, today the picture would be radically different.

Principle of operation of the Iron Dome

The range of the anti-missile system is small – from 4 to 70 km. It has two central bodies – radar and interceptor. Interconnected in an invisible electronic connection, they are simply unique in their work.

In addition to detecting an enemy missile, the Iron Dome radar must also calculate its estimated trajectory using a system of complex algorithms. This radar is automatic and is designed as follows – if it detects a foreign body (missile) fired at Israel, it is automatically activated. Suppose the calculations of the trajectory of the enemy missile show that it will fall into the sea or an empty, uninhabited field. In that case, the radar instructs the interceptor not to launch an intercepting rocket.

Israel completed tests of modernized Iron Dome
Photo credit: Wikipedia

If the threat directs at a settlement, the interceptor fires a Tamir missile. This missile is a “smart” missile – small in size but can change its trajectory in flight depending on the target or change the calculations by radar.

That's why the Iron Dome missile system is so effective
Photo credit: Wikipedia

This missile has a fuse. When Tamir reaches the location set by the radar to intercept the enemy missile, the fuse releases a charge that explodes and humiliates the enemy missile. In this way, only debris falls on the ground, not the explosive charge from Tamir or the enemy missile. If Tamir misses the target, the rocket explodes itself.

Iron Dome is a very mobile system. All this means that several batteries from the Iron Dome missile system can be moved quickly, easily, and without problems over long distances.


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