Russia focuses its future weapon systems on ‘new physics’

MOSCOW, (BM) – After the big military parade in Russia on May 9, the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of the military-industrial complex Yuri Borisov gave an extensive interview to Interfax. According to him, the country has focused on developing new weapon systems based on new physical principles.

“The main priorities will be areas such as the development of high-precision weapons, including hypersonic weapons, the introduction of robotic systems, weapons based on new physical principles,” Borissov told Interfax.

It is clear from his words in the interview that Moscow has focused its efforts mainly on the field of air defense philosophy and has focused on hypersonic systems, robotic systems, and the use of artificial intelligence.

Suppose these were primarily rumors spread for years by the Russian propaganda machine today. In that case, it is clear that in the period 2024-2033, these innovative solutions are part of the main program of the Russian Federation.

Russian military analysts suggest that in addition to new anti-aircraft systems, Russia will develop radar systems, electronic warfare systems, electromagnetic and microwave weapons in this direction.

The United States has already warned about this

The announcement of the Russian Deputy Minister is not new information. The United States has long followed the actions of Russian developments and announced their progress in a report published very recently.

On March 29 this year, the U.S. Department of Defense presented a report on the combat capability of U.S. forces to wage electronic warfare. This report was officially published by the U.S. Government Accountability Bureau (GAO).

“The United States risks losing control of the battlefield if it does not control the electromagnetic spectrum. This frequency range is critical for communications, navigation, weapons, and more. Russia’s electromagnetic warfare force, described by the Defense Intelligence Agency as “world-class,” has shown effectiveness in real-world applications against the U.S. and foreign military. China also has expanded capabilities,” the report said.

According to the State Department, Russia’s progress in this area is significant. According to the report, Moscow is already using similar weapons, which, despite Russia’s unofficial announcement, are developing and testing prototypes.

What is Russia testing in July 2020?

In July last year, we announced tests of a Russian electromagnetic pulse gun. Several Russian media shared the information, but to this day remains unconfirmed.

According to the news, this new Russian electromagnetic gun was capable of shutting down satellites in low orbit. All this means that its range can be several hundred kilometers.

The Russian media did not say when and where the targets were fired. Still, according to the information they “attached” and disseminated, the tests were successful, and the cannon completed all tasks.


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