Two new weapons allow Russia to ensure its global influence

BERLIN, (BM) – The Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle and the Zircon hypersonic missile will allow Moscow to secure its influence globally and prevent it from being drawn into a possible conflict between the United States and China, German professor and political scientist Thomas Jaeger writes in Focus.

In his opinion, the strengthening of confrontation in space, as evidenced by the creation in the United States of a new type of Armed Forces – the Space Forces, as well as China’s plans to build a space station, may prevent Russia from maintaining its superpower status, which is why it is modernizing its “strategic deterrent potential.”

Jaeger singled out the Poseidon nuclear submarine drone (2M39) and the Zircon hypersonic missile (3M22). The expert, speaking of 2M39, noted that Russia could retaliate with a nuclear strike from the depths of the ocean. Jaeger also appreciated the capabilities of the Zircon missile, pointing out its enormous speed, which makes the 3M22 impossible to reflect. The German professor did not fail to remind us that Russia has not stopped modernizing such weapons, and its primary goal is to “intimidate the enemy.”

According to Jaeger, the two new weapons systems will give Moscow precisely what it wants – influence on the world stage and the opportunity not to be placed in a possible conflict between China and the United States. Jaeger says Russian President Vladimir Putin is doing this to start a new phase in Russian politics on the world stage.

Poseidon is a Russian project of an unmanned underwater vehicle equipped with a nuclear power plant. It is a nuclear torpedo: the main task of the apparatus is the delivery of a nuclear weapon to the shores of a potential enemy to destroy critical coastal elements of the enemy’s economy and inflict guaranteed unacceptable damage to the country’s territory by creating vast zones of radioactive contamination, tsunamis and other destructive consequences of a nuclear explosion.

Zircon is a Russian hypersonic anti-ship cruise missile developed by NPO Mashinostroyenia. It is part of the 3K22 Zircon complex. According to various military experts around the world, the Zircon missile differs from all other high-speed missiles. This comparison concerns both different types of Russian anti-ship missiles and anti-ship missiles of foreign countries. It is capable of a speed of Mach 8.5, and its range can exceed 500 km. “Zircon” can destroy both sea and ground targets; the use of the new missile is envisaged from ships and submarines already produced or under construction for the “Caliber” missile systems.

The primary purpose of the “Zircon,” like other CDs, is enemy surface ships of different classes from frigates to aircraft carriers, as well as its ground military objects within the radius of destruction. The speed characteristics of the Zircon (about 10,200 km / h) make it inaccessible to existing enemy missile defense systems. It is almost impossible to dodge such a missile and detect its launch in time.


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