New Russian ICBMs interceptor has raised questions in the U.S.

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Russia is challenging U.S. intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and intends to counter them in a fundamentally new way. U.S. military analysts presented this opinion.

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Some time ago, the Russian military talked about the existence of an entirely new missile defense technology. U.S. experts say virtually nothing is known about Russia’s latest ballistic missile interceptor. Without answering questions about the latest product, it will be difficult for the Pentagon to gain an advantage over opponents in the Russian Federation. A similar opinion was expressed by the American journalist Kris Osborn in one of his articles.

“What is this new Russian weapon?” – the American journalists ask.

N.I. Experts believe that in the first place, it is necessary to establish what opportunities the novelty of the Russian Federation has. Can it quickly and accurately detect baits and distinguish them from ICBMs? The ability to determine an accurate missile from debris or other lures is paramount when it comes to stopping an enemy attack.

Can this system simultaneously track the target and exchange real-time data with other air defense systems and make immediate adjustments to their work, depending on the specifics of the mark? But the main question is different: the new weapon is an interceptor for single missiles or can destroy multiple targets simultaneously.

“Multifunctional systems provide a clear advantage, as they can perform more than one interception, which is extremely important against the background of the increasing complexity and progress of the lures,” added the experts from the United States.

The authors of The National Interest say that Russian developments in the field of anti-missile systems may prove to be more than a worthy experiment. Technologies for bypassing ballistic missile anti-missile systems are constantly being improved, in connection with which it is necessary to develop countermeasures. Russia’s achievements in this area can be fascinating.


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