Let’s look through the US Army’s new night vision goggles – it’s amazing [video]

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The ENVG-B night vision system has been under development in the United States in recent months and is nearing completion. This mandatory military accessory acquires an entirely different meaning, functionality, and efficiency if we look through the soldier’s eyes who uses them.

BulgarianMilitary.com brings to your attention a video showing how big the difference is between those night glasses with the green glow from the latest development in this field.

The video shows a bright, accurate, and clear picture from the outlines and contours to the greatest possible detail. Many soldiers and bystanders compare this picture to the already familiar images from electronic games. What’s more, ENVG-B is laying the foundations of the virtual reality we have been talking and writing about for a long time.

The night vision goggles are manufactured by the American company L3Harris, and the video was shot during an exercise at the Lewis-McChord joint military base (Washington).

What gives ENVG-B more to the American soldier?

As mentioned above, the green glow is missing. This fact is a big plus, because very often, thanks to it, the soldier could not understand whether the observed object is a friend or an enemy.

ENVG-B gives the soldier a wide field of view. The sharp contrast allows the soldier’s perception of what is happening to be more precise and, above all, more understandable. This advantage is significant because, in this way, the soldier can use the new night-vision goggles without problems in bad weather conditions or poor current geographies – such as smoke, dust, and more.

But we left the most significant advantage for last. ENVG-B can be synchronized and integrated to work with cameras. In combination with the soldier’s helmet and the night vision goggles mounted on it, this conditionality will allow the soldier to see “through the machine” – tank, armored personnel carrier, and others.

You may not know it, but almost six years ago, the British corporation BAE Systems successfully tested such a system. Then the system received the designation BattleView 360.

Microsoft will also make goggles for the U.S. military for $ 22 billion

This year, as we announced on April 1, Microsoft has reached an agreement with the Pentagon and received a contract worth $21,88 billion and ten years of development and integration of new futuristic goggles.

Microsoft’s futuristic goggles are under the Integrated Visual Enlargement System or IVAS program. The program began nearly two years ago and should integrate many new technologies among the U.S. military in the coming years. So far, several prototypes have been presented in the program, which means that the United States is ready to move to the production of selected products.

What are Microsoft military goggles?

Microsoft is offering a product that expects to become an integral part of military equipment, such as the assault rifle. The U.S. Army will use Microsoft goggles for training, exercises, and actual combat.

These are mixed reality goggles. They will have a navigation system, location information for friendly soldiers, face recognition, and avatars to develop strategies. The goggles have the standard optical equipment – thermal, night, and day vision.

2.5 kg is the weight of the prototype, but IVAS says the designers will eliminate this problem. Microsoft goggles will be able to record scripts and then review them. They will also be able to communicate with micro-drones, which will give the soldier a completely different view of the battlefield.

According to preliminary characteristics, the army goggles will be included in various networks and cloud services and work under the Android system. They will be constantly synchronized in the Azure cloud service and will instantly process new data.


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