Germany will not support NATO in a possible war with Russia

BERLIN, (BM) – In the event of a military conflict between NATO and Russia, the chances of Germany not supporting NATO are very high, says German publicist Wolfgang Munchau in his article. His comment is the tensions that have arisen in recent weeks between Ukraine and Russia and the inevitable involvement of the Baltic states in this possible conflict.

If it is reached, from a military-tactical point of view, the Suwalki Gap will be crucial to supremacy in this conflict. This “corridor” is nearly 100 km long and connects the Kaliningrad region with Belarus. It is there that military analysts expect the point of tension in such a conflict. Currently, the Suwalki Gap connects the borders of Lithuania and Poland.

Wolfgang Munchau believes that there is no chance that Germany will join a military operation against Russia, even if the latter attacks the Baltic states.

To prove his point, Munhou quoted Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier as saying that Germany “owed” the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Russia to “atone for its sins during World War II.”

According to the author of the article, most German politicians will not support military action in any form.

Russia ordered diplomats from the Baltic states to leave

Within a week, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs ordered three employees of the Slovak embassy, ​​two employees of the Lithuanian embassy. One each – embassies of Latvia and Estonia to leave the country. The Russian ministry announced this in a press release released on Wednesday, as we reported.

Earlier on Wednesday, representatives of the diplomatic missions of four countries in Moscow were summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that diplomats received “a firm protest over provocative and unjustified actions concerning the expulsion of employees of the Russian embassies in these countries.”

The three Baltic states, the ministry added, “continue to pursue an openly hostile course” towards Russia.

At this stage, Russia is provoking

Our editor-in-chief has expressed his views on Eastern Europe and the Baltic States in recent weeks.

Boko Nikolov claims in his article that at this stage, Russia is only provoking its “enemies” to see the response of each country individually and of the North Atlantic Alliance.

“Russia is currently provoking Europe and the United States. Call it what you will, but such an action is a known tactic in military action. You maneuver to see how your opponent will react,” he says in his article.

Regarding the opinion of the German publicist that Germany would not go to war with Russia because of Nord Stream 2, Nikolov is of another idea: “Nord Stream 2 is a good reason to run away from the real answer. In my opinion, Berlin and Moscow see the losses from a possible war. It’s not just economic, I’m talking about a large number of casualties. It wasn’t long before German colleagues called Russia’s Avangard hypersonic missile system” Russia’s ten-year advantage over everyone else,” Nikolov concluded.


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