Shooting of Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf. Will Iran respond to the US?

MOSCOW, (BM) – According to unconfirmed information spread by the Russian media, a few hours ago, ships of the U.S. Navy fired on Iranian ships in the Persian Gulf. Russia’s Aviapro website says this is the first such incident since four years ago.

As we reported nearly 24 hours ago, Iranian ships surrounded two U.S. Coast Guard ships in the Persian Gulf region. The Iranians claim that the two boats have approached the country’s territorial waters.

In response, the U.S. military opened fire with large-caliber machine guns, and the U.S. military allegedly fired the fire directly at an Iranian warship.

Sources on the Russian website Aviapro claim that Iran has already sent at least four high-speed missile boats to intercept the two American ships. Aviapro claims that the boats have reached their destination and have begun coercive actions to escort the two U.S. warships.

Analysts say such an incident could bring the United States and Iran closer to a military conflict that could escalate very quickly. Again, this information is unconfirmed by official sources. is currently trying to contact an authority in the area for more information.

There was also an accident in early April

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal and a U.S. Navy source revealed an incident between ships of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the U.S. Coast Guard in the Persian Gulf region.

According to published information, on April 2 this year, IRGC ships surrounded U.S. Coast Guard ships, and the tense situation lasted for about three hours. Following an investigation by the Wall Street Journal, the U.S. Navy confirmed the truth of the information.

According to the fleet, three IRGC battleships and a support ship made maneuvers and surrounded two Coast Guard ships that patrolled international waters in the southern Persian Gulf. It came to a point where the American ship Wrangell undertook a severe maneuver to avoid a collision with one of the Iranian warships.

The Wall Street Journal says U.S. military ships have issued several warnings to Iranian boats in the area, but no response has followed. According to the U.S. Navy, the actions of the Iranian thieves were unprofessional and dangerous.

Iran says that the IRGC’s actions were not strange or untimely; on the contrary – the U.S. warships activated Iranian forces as the two U.S. ships invaded Iran’s territorial waters.


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