MI6: We must respect Russia’s role in the world but also limit it

LONDON, (BM) – The head of the UK’s foreign intelligence service MI6, Richard Moore, believes that the United Kingdom should engage with Russia and respect its role in the world while taking steps to limit Moscow. He said this in an interview with The Sunday Times, the full version broadcast on Sunday by Times Radio.

“We have the opportunity to be in touch with them (representatives of the Russian Federation – ed.) and to keep in touch, and we want that. And I would like things to be different,” says Moore. According to him, “the Russian Federation must be opposed as strongly as possible while interacting with Moscow and respecting its role [in the world].”

Moore admitted that he sympathized with the Russian people, and during his long career in the ranks of MI6, he often had to communicate and work with Russians. “Given my profession, I have worked with quite a several Russians, and I have the warmest feelings for them,” he said.

According to him, it is essential to maintain communication channels with Moscow during the period of escalating contradictions between the Russian Federation and the West to avoid misunderstandings. “Clarity in the transmission of messages is essential to ensure that the other party handles it properly,” Moore added.

Referring to the recent concentration of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine, the MI6 leader said: “The Russians do not doubt Britain’s position on this issue. And they do not doubt the position of the [US President Joe] Biden administration because [ At the same time, Moore added that Britain and the United States had warned Russia that it would face “serious consequences” if Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

War on terror

He also stressed the need to oppose such terrorist groups as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (banned by the Russian Federation – ed.), especially in light of US troops from Afghanistan. Washington’s decision will force Britain to “work on a different model” in Afghanistan, which “cannot be allowed to return to the situation before the 9/11 attacks.” Moore also confirmed that Western intelligence services noted the attempts of terrorists to take advantage of the technology needed to create chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons.


Touching on the topic of relations between Western countries and China, Moore noted that they seek “positive relations” and cooperation with Beijing, whose economic influence is growing but whose interests and values ​​diverge from those of the West. At the same time, he stressed that the kingdom attaches particular importance to respecting the rights of Hong Kong residents and countering industrial espionage.

While cooperation with China is essential in the fight against climate change, he said, Beijing’s promises to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must be trusted, but check for arms control. Moore added that monitoring compliance with environmental obligations could become one of MI6’s tasks.

“When someone commits the climate, it may be our job to make sure that the actual actions are in line with those commitments,” Moore said. “Our job is to shed light on areas that many would like to leave behind. Therefore, we will, of course, support the most important issue on the international foreign policy agenda, the ‘climate emergency,’ in the interests of our country and the whole planet, and we will have a role to play in this area.”


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