Russia’s budget crisis could halt the production of the Su-57 fighters

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russia’s “fifth-generation” fighters (according to experts, this 4 ++ generation fighter – ed.) Su-57 may be affected by the budget crisis in Russia, according to the Viеtnamese edition of Soha.

According to publications in Vietnam, the planned five fighters that were to be produced and delivered to the Russian Air Force in 2021 maybe only three. Some experts predict a worse forecast – not three, but two planes will receive Russia by the end of 2021.

The main problem is the unfavorable economic situation in Russia, which is currently causing a budget crisis. The publication says that Moscow can and has the opportunity to produce weapons, but the lack of finances will stop the production of fighter jets.

Sukhoi already delivered the first thoughtfully produced fighter at the end of last year. The second Su-57 fighters were to be born in early March, but this did not happen. It is unknown when Russia will acquire the second fighter, given that its production has not yet been completed.

Some analysts say that the deepening economic climate in the country, financial sanctions from Europe and the United States, the low price of the ruble, and the budget crisis will completely stop the implementation of the contract for the production and purchase of 76 fighters by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The T-14 Armata tank showed, but no one paid attention

The situation is not recent. This crisis is a deepening problem in recent years, which has been left out of the “patriotic and populist” statements of Russian politicians, incl—President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

The serial production of the T-14 Armata tank was the first signal that had to be a clear view of the future of Russian military production. If, at the moment, Russian financiers and experts claim that the Su-57 is the first victim of the budget crisis, this is not true, as the T-14 Armata is the first victim of a lack of funding.

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So far, only 20 tanks of this model have been produced, which started almost three years ago. A total of 100 pieces from the first batch of mass-produced ones should come out, but even here, it is not sure when this will happen. Compared to its competitors in international markets, the price of this Russian tank is not high and completely bearable. However, production is slow, there is a lack of timely funding, and there are unknowns about its output.

Russia will try to save this project by buying the manufactured T-14 Army for its Army. Still, such signals give uncertainty to Moscow’s international partners, which may at some point terminate contracts for the purchase of Russian weapons. This, like a domino effect, could bury quite ambitious Russian military projects.


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