Russia arms itself with missiles to hit objects in near space

MOSCOW, (BM)RIA Novosti reports that the Russian Ministry of Defense is beginning training and training soldiers to work with the S-500 Prometheus anti-aircraft missile system. According to another Russian publication, Izvestia, the Russian army expects to receive the first S-500 models this year.

Russia's 'silver bullet' S-500 Prometheus could shoot down the American F-35 stealth
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S-500 Prometheus was created to complement Russia’s air defenses through integrated interaction with another anti-aircraft missile system – S-400. The difference between the two missile systems is in the range. S-400 uses missiles to destroy targets up to 400 km. The S-500 is armed with 77N6 missiles, which are designed to hit objects in near space.

According to RIA Novosti, the S-500 will have another functional commitment: defending Russia from hypersonic missiles’ possible damage.

RIA Novosti claims that the Ministry of Defense has started a procedure for forming teams trained to work with the new air defense system. After completing their training, the soldiers will be reassigned to combat units.

The Yenisei radar will direct the S-500

The Yenisei radar is the guiding power of the S-500 air defense system. To date, there are no specific features for this type of radar. Russia continues to keep the actual capabilities of the detection device a top secret.

We know about the Yenisei radar: it will have a phased array antenna that will help detect and track targets across the entire altitude range. According to various sources, Almaz-Antey developed the Yenisei radar based on the 96L6E used by the S-300 and S-400 air defense systems.

The Yenisei will have the opportunity to identify the observed object and categorize it on a “friend-enemy” basis. Radar performs all this work automatically, recognizing four types of air objects: airplanes, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, and missiles.

The upper atmosphere is under threat

S-500 will be able to intercept objects in the upper layers of the atmosphere, says in a speech by Pavel Sozinov, the chief designer of the concern, which developed the Almaz-Antey missile system.

“The interception in the upper atmosphere is actual. It locates hundreds of kilometers from Earth. <…> This system solves a whole range of tasks of both air defense and missile defense. Today we are developing the system elements with maximum cost savings allocated for testing,” Sozinov said in an interview with Arkady Mamontov in his YouTube program.

According to Sozinov, at the moment, and until the end of this decade, there will be no analog of the S-500 air defense system. Sozinov confirmed that the Russian military testing forces had tested the system (is being tested – ed.) With the maximum funds allocated by the government.

“We have tried to make a forecast for the next 25 years for the development of aerospace attack weapons, and we believe that it will be very reliable in terms of the characteristics that a potential adversary can achieve during this period. Accordingly, our system must be able to deal with those funds that are still missing but may appear in five, seven, or ten years,” Sozinov added.

Rumors put up Turkey is a possible partner of the S-500

Such rumors have been circulating in the media since 2019. Until now, we define them as a kind of media noise, but a statement by Sergei Chemezov in 2019 for a Turkish Anatolian agency makes a strong impression.

“Our countries have the necessary competence to develop technological cooperation in the military field. For this reason, we would welcome the desire of the Turkish side to become our partner in the S-500 project,” said Chemezov.

These words come when the United States and Turkey have sharply deteriorated relations after Ankara placed an order and later received Russian S-400 air defense systems.

But that was not all Chemezov said then. He added that the Russian Federation is ready to include Turkey in the project to create a promising S-500 Prometheus air defense system in the final stages of its development. According to sources, the Russian army should enter soon. Chemezov also said that the Russian Federation was considering the possibility of producing Russian weapons in Turkey. One of these promising projects is the joint production of a new military helicopter between the two countries.


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