Is the ‘Erdogan spectacle’ coming to Syria? Yes, make the popcorn

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – Lately, wars have been fought not so much on the battlefield as in the media, quiet diplomacy, and the lack of adequate politics by the big ones of the day. Of course, hostilities in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine are actual, but they are more of a tool than a solution.

Once the world overslept the conquest of foreign territory. Yes, Donbas has been humiliated and abandoned by Europe and the United States. Ukraine continues to suffer the effects of the “allied aid” it has received (ironically, Ukraine has received no aid – ed.).

It is everyone’s fault – East, West, small and large countries, who watched as a home theater with popcorn and Coca-Cola how a dictator like Putin took advantage of the surrounding countryside’s political weakness. It is also Bulgaria’s fault, whose foreign diplomats have a memorable answer in such cases and only change the addressee and the date.

Syria is coming. Yes, there is more than a real possibility that Turkey will try to annex northern Syria, and that is why we have already mentioned it. Erdogan is in the same position as Putin but uses his country’s security to justify it, not “mostly Turks live in this part of Syria.”

Putin has already pushed through the methodology. Now Erdogan can use it – cutting off electricity and water in specific areas, little green men among the civilian population without signs, holding a referendum among Kurds and Syrians in this part of the country. Of course, if a referendum is born, we will tell you the result now – between 75 and 80% will want to join Turkey. Not because it’s true, but because it matters who counts the votes.

The Turks are friendly people. Hardworking and honest, they respect their guest and help those in need. But Erdogan’s policies have been used by the West as a whip for a specific population. Does anyone remember one of the reasons Brexit happened? Yes, 350 million Turks will take over Britain – let’s go out. Yes, there are stupid people. There are many, so they allow themselves to be used by politicians.

Syria is coming. This Syria, which invited only Russia to its territory. The United States was invited, neither Turkey nor the allied forces. There may have been chemical attacks on the civilian population – I do not deny. I even believe that Assad and Putin are in a conclave on this issue. But where will the United States, Turkey, and the Allies be when this civil war is over? Will they help the country recover from the ongoing hardships, destroyed buildings, oil refineries, historic sites, or the Syrian spirit?

Because dear reader, this war is not about human rights. This war there is not for the freedom of a people against the life of a dictator. This war is against the Russian arms sales channel, which Moscow created in Syria a year ago. This war is against a business that hinders its competitor. And because Assad has multibillion-dollar contracts with Russia to rebuild infrastructure, “freedom fighters” see no point in defending a dictator. At the same time, they can safely kill civilians in Syrian territory and “grind” oil fields.

Syria is coming, pardon – the Turkish Syria is coming. Erdogan sees his advantageous starting position. He currently has the opportunity to annex northern Syria, and no one will stop him. Russia can, but does it want to. Does he want to keep fighting instead of building billions? And how will Putin protect Assad? Didn’t Moscow do the same with Donbas? What is the difference?

And the rest of the world? They will insult Erdogan, scold him, impose economic sanctions that have a double effect. But will they save northern Syria from Erdogan? Really, will they stand up for the people who have lived in these territories for thousands of years?

Freedom Sancho is on top of the spear. Don Quixote is a dreamer, but today he is just a selfish loser. Like all of us who will continue to watch the Turkish show comfortably seated on the armchair, popcorn, and Coca-Cola in our hands.


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