How to stop the Russians? Ineffective American ideas about Ukraine

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – There is an internal dispute between American military-political experts in the American press. The debate also involves military experts and journalists who come up with crazy ideas that are not in line with time, finances and diplomacy, but with a net profit.

The Americans still do not understand and make the same mistakes as when they tricked Turkey into buying Russian S-400 anti-aircraft systems. The White House is closely following developments in Eastern Europe and lining up Allied forces, making defense plans and offering deals for billions to an emerging country.

Two proposals to stop the Russian invasion are now or in the future circulating among all these experts. Both proposals do not solve the Ukraine-Russia problem but increase US defense companies’ profits at the expense of the suffering and stressed Ukrainian population. Here is what the “experts” from Washington offers.

New or old fighters

The Ukrainian Air Force has outdated Russian equipment that is supposed to defend Ukraine’s skies. The arms lobbies in Congress and the White House together offer the sale of used American fighter jets. For example, Stephen Blank, a researcher at the Institute for Foreign Policy Studies, suggests such an idea.

David Axe, who understands the work of analyzing, says through Forbes that such a solution will not solve the problem of the Ukrainians, but will worsen it, leading to a catastrophe for the Ukrainian people. Where will Ukraine get money for used American fighters, Axe asks.

And we ask where Kyiv will find the money for their maintenance. It is one thing to buy an airplane, and it is another to blow it up as often as Russian fighters enter your airspace. This action is Russian marketing. The more often the new Su-35 and MiG-35 cross the imaginary air border in just “one lap,” the more times Ukraine has to raise its own depreciated fighters. You pit the new against the old. Even if a rocket is not fired – you decline the equipment.

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And the training. You can’t get Ukrainian pilots from Russian fighters to Americans from today to tomorrow. Their joystick control is the same, but technology, avionics, aircraft behavior, speed, and capabilities are different things.

Even if the United States donates fighter jets, tankers, and reconnaissance planes to Ukraine, they want money to work with them. Something that Ukraine does not currently have.

What will the old planes shoot with?

Here is the next flaw in the idea of ​​selling old planes, generally for the sale of any aircraft. They will have to be armed with something. With what weapons? Where does the money come from? And the United States offers them to buy old.

And let’s face it – the United States donates money or weapons only when it has a long-term benefit. Take Bulgaria, for example. Donated boats for the coast guard, an investment in a base in Novo Selo, and although Gripen was cheaper, it would be delivered faster than the F-16. Bulgaria could get more units for the same money. Sofia preferred the product of Lockheed Martin. Not because he is better than Gripen (they have the same characteristics), but because Bulgaria received gifts.

When you have no money and your economy has shrunk to a minimum when they all support you in words but keep a knife behind their back, what are you ready to offer to receive gifts?

Air defense systems

David Axe understands his job, but sometimes. Instead of fighter jets, Axe is proposing that Ukraine acquire American modern anti-aircraft missile systems.

According to Axe, they will reliably and successfully close the skies of Ukraine. Against the fighters’ price background, air defense can come out as a cheaper and more reasonable option. Axe offers Kyiv to buy ammunition and drones for air operations.

He almost guessed, but he was talking about money again, shifting the focus from efficiency. What crazy person is going to pit a drone against a fighter? Will the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 be the solution? Please – Armenia and Libya did not have the equipment that Russia has, but both states took the obsolete equipment out of warehouses of 40 years each. Syria? Okay, but the Russians have allowed Bayraktar TB2 to be effective, which doesn’t mean they can’t counteract it.

Ask the Saudis and Aramco officials, as well as US troops at Iraqi bases, about the Patriot anti-aircraft missile system and its “security” and ability to “close any sky.”

And the money? Ukraine has no money for fighter jets. Then where will the country find to buy American air defense systems? What about their support? Their weapons equipment?

There is a solution – the US knows it but doesn’t like it because it will damage its image

First, no matter how much you threaten a country by using media channels, you do not go to war against it, especially nuclear power. What is not clear?

Second, if you want to defend Ukraine, don’t rely on the United States alone. In which history and in which parallel universe has the United States started a human rights war? WWII? Washington began to it when Hitler’s submarines reached America’s borders. Vietnam? The Korean War? Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria? The United States even dropped the two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, not so much to end the war with Japan, to show Moscow that it would not allow Russian influence in that part of the Asia region. Yes, 750 thousand Russian troops were on their way to Manchuria.

Third, it is high time the world acknowledged that it could not oppose Putin with its soulless policy at this stage. Donbas and Crimea are lost Ukrainian territories. Accept the fact and start building what you have left of the state. So that in years to come, you can afford fighters, air defense systems, artificial intelligence technologies, modern weapon systems, and more. You will not regain the lost territories, but you will protect the current ones.

It is not Russia that is the threat. Still, the impossibility to unite one nation to lift the country out of poverty, delayed technological and economic development, negative population growth. The war is inside, among Ukrainian politicians, European diplomacy, and the American thirst for profit.

Lost the battle but won the war. Someone had said it.


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