Russian propaganda: The US will strike at Russian territory

MOSCOW, (BM) – Tensions in eastern Ukraine remain high, and are the number one topic in Russian is the European media. As we published earlier, Ukraine wants to join NATO quickly to stop “possible Russian aggression” on Ukrainian territory.

Simultaneously, the Russian media is preparing more for war than for resolving the conflict through diplomacy and peace. The Russian site Aviapro goes further, publishing the headline, “The United States threatened to strike at Russia in the event of a strike on Ukraine and Donbas.”

Interestingly, the information on the site does not say anything new about recent events in the region and follows the three countries’ statements at the moment – Russia, the United States, and Ukraine. However, other media “took the call” of the Russian press and reprinted the click-byte headline. In this way, the Russian propaganda machine continues to manipulate public opinion.

Moreover, according to the same publication Aviapro, Kyiv has escalated tensions in the Donbas and near the Crimean border, which has led Russia to mobilize and send troops to both regions. The publication claims that if “the allies attack the Russian territory of Donbas,” Moscow will retaliate by attacking Ukraine and the Alliance’s forces.

What is happening?

On April 1, Russia began locating a lot of Russian weapons on the border with Ukraine. The Belarusian side noticed similar actions. A Ukrainian journalist was the first to film the movement of military convoys.

The revelation forced the Kremlin to explain after the public learned about what was happening. “The Russian Federation is moving troops within its territory at its discretion; this should not bother anyone; it does not pose a threat to anyone,” said presidency spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, the Russian Federation is taking the necessary measures to ensure its borders ’security. “You know that along the perimeter of the borders of the Russian Federation; there is increased activity of the armed forces of NATO countries, other associations, individual governments, etc., etc. All this obliges you to be vigilant,” Peskov stressed.

“As for the participation of Russian troops in the armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine, Russian troops have never participated in it and do not participate in it. This is a highly internal Ukrainian conflict, and we, European countries, other countries would not want armed forces of Ukraine, the civil war in Ukraine flared up again,“ said Peskov.

The United States has said it will support Ukraine

US and Ukrainian defense ministers Lloyd Austin and Andriy Taran discussed the situation in Donbas. The US minister assured his Ukrainian counterpart of his readiness to support Kyiv in an “escalation of Russian aggression.” The Ukrainian defense ministry website published this statement on its website on Thursday.

“Lloyd Austin expressed concern over the Russian Federation’s recent actions and conveyed to the Minister of Defense of Ukraine his assurances of his readiness to support Ukraine in the face of the ongoing Russian aggression in Donbas and Crimea. Realization of aggressive aspirations of the Russian Federation in Ukraine” said in a statement.

Taran informed the interlocutor about the military-political situation along the demarcation line with the territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which are not under the control of Kyiv and in Crimea and around the state border of Ukraine.


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