Ukraine needs new fighter jets, France offers it Rafale

KYIV, (BM) – Since last year, the Ukrainian government has declared its desire for the country to acquire fighter jets in the coming years to blacken Russian MiG-29s. The French portal reports that Paris is ready to offer a suitable offer for their Rafal.

France bought new Rafales to replace the 'Greek' fighters
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The two countries’ media say that a meeting between the leaders of the two countries is forthcoming. At the upcoming meeting, political scientists say that Emmanuel Macron will offer Ukraine the sale of French fighters of the 4th generation Rafal.

The French website suggests that Paris will make two offers – one for used fighters and one for new ones built in Dassault Aviation factories.

So far, France has supplied Rafal to Egypt, Qatar, India, and Greece in addition to its own needs. It is the last two countries that have recently started receiving their fighters from France. India urgently needed fighter jets last year to operate at high altitudes and face a possible attack from China. Greece continues to argue with Turkey and uses the moment to renew its air fleet.

Ukraine has no money

Ukraine’s desire is one thing, the possibilities quite another. Russia’s Izvestia media reports say the Ukrainian government has earmarked about $ 1.5 billion for defense this year. This budget is about 6% of the country’s GDP and is for everything – purchases, repairs, modernization of weapons, and others.

Kyiv has expressed a desire in its report to modernize its air force with 4++ generation and F-35 fighters. With such a budget, modernization will not be as significant as expected.

The problem is not so much the fighter’s cost as the cost that follows the trail as it is purchased. Maintenance, upgrades, and an hour’s flight are expensive. For example, if Ukraine wants to buy an F-35, the MoD must prepare it to spend approximately between 45-60 thousand dollars per hour. This cost is too expensive for the United States, Britain, and other countries using a stealth fighter.

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That is why the renewal of the Ukrainian fleet can happen, mainly with fighters of the 4th or 4++ generation. Something that France understands very well and will try to use in its offer of Rafale fighters.

The French “gust of wind”

The French Dassault Rafale is an experienced fighter. More extensive than most available fighters in the world. This fighter has fought and continues to fight in Afghanistan, Libya, Mali, Iraq, and Syria.

Rafal is a twin-engine multi-role fighter designed and developed to be armed with many weapons and capabilities and designed for air superiority. Its function is not limited to air battles. The fighter jet is ideal for reconnaissance and surveillance, ground support, anti-ship strikes, and even nuclear deterrence missions.

The fighter has modern avionics, which for the most part, is controlled only by voice commands. The aircraft’s radar is an AESA type, which means that the French have eliminated the problem of overheating the fighter and at the same time can locate and track dozens of targets simultaneously.

Rafal intends to be used by both the country’s air force and the navy, which means that it has a version capable of taking off and landing from an aircraft carrier.


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