Russia hopes to receive the Yasen-M class nuclear submarine soon

MOSCOW, (BM) – The long-awaited acceptance of the Russian nuclear submarine Kazan, class Yassen-M, has been postponed again, has learned, quoting the Russian news agency TASS.

Top 5 best submarines in the world - Yasen class, Russia
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According to a source in the agency, the Russian fleet will acquire the Kazan submarine in late July. Then, on July 25, Russia celebrates Russian Navy Day. “There is a slight delay in the transfer of Kazan to the Navy. The submarine will be handed over by Fleet Day,” he said. The code name of the project under which the Kazan submarine is developing is 885M.

This action is another postponement of the official entry into service of the Russian submarine. The latest plans were that May-June would be when Russia would acquire its flagship Yassen-M nuclear submarine.

According to another source of the Russian agency, the subsequent delay may be caused by a delayed control audit of the components and mechanisms that make up the submarine. TASS has sent an official request to confirm this information, but Sevmash (the company that builds the submarine) declined to comment.

The three-year drama with the launch of the nuclear submarine Yasen-M

Yassen-M is a leading nuclear submarine of the Russian Navy, which expects to improve the Russians’ capabilities significantly. Project 885M, as the sub is better known among Russian circles, was presented on March 31, 2017. A year and a half later, this submarine had to begin its sea tests.

There was a delay for various reasons, which led to a constant postponement of the official recruitment. Early last year, Russia announced that 2020 was the year for this to happen. Alexander Moiseev, the Northern Fleet commander, confirmed this news and said that the state tests and acceptance of the submarine are forthcoming.

Despite the optimism of the Russian commander-in-chief, this did not happen. Several reasons prevented the implementation of the planned commitments. Then, on the last day of 2020, Sevmash announced that the submarine would be delivered to the Russian Navy in 2021.

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The only confirmed thing completed on time was the successful launch of the Caliber and Onyx cruise missile from the Kazan submarine during planned fire tests.

The Russian Navy expects eight nuclear submarines by the end of the decade

Yassen-M class submarines are essential for the Russian fleet. In addition to Kazan, Moscow is working on several other multifunctional submarines of the same class. Eight nuclear submarines expect to be operational in the next 7 to 10 years in the Russian Navy.

Mikhail Budnichenko, general director of the plant in Sevmash, spoke to RIA Novosti at the beginning of the year. According to him, the production of all submarines of class Yassen-M is going according to plan. Kazan and Novosibirsk pass sea tests. As we mentioned, the acceptance of Kazan is postponed. The same is the case with the other sub.

The Krasnoyarsk, Arkhangelsk, and Perm submarines are under development. According to Budnichenko, their construction is going according to plan. The same goes for the sub-Ulyanovsk.

The Vladivostok and Voronezh submarines expect to be completed in the middle of this year. If they pass the tests, the Russians expect them to be in service in the Russian Navy by the end of the decade.

Of all the eight submarines under the Yassen-M project, only Severodvinsk is in operation.

Russia is not giving up, although the price is rising

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the first submarine price in this class is 1 billion dollars, while the cost of the second is 725 million dollars. The price expects to decrease slightly in proportion to each subsequent submarine.

According to the manufacturer of this class of submarines – Sevmash, only 30% of the costs are the manufacturer’s work, while the remaining 70% are related to the costs of suppliers.

US Admiral Foggo, who commanded the US Navy for Europe, said in an interview that this class’s submarines are extremely quiet. Various military sources and analysts say that the Russian submarine Severodvinsk is comparable to the American Seawolf.

Some analysts go further and claim that Severodvinsk is faster than American Virginia-class submarines with three knots.


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