India purchased 1,300 Mahindra ALSV totaling $146 million

NEW DELHI, (BM) – As reported by the Indian media, the local Ministry of Defense signed a contract with Mahindra Defense Systems Ltd. on March 22 to deliver 1,300 Mahindra ALSV (Armored Light Specialist Vehicles) vehicles for the Indian army, learned citing Defence24. The contract value is estimated at approximately USD 146 million, and the deliveries of the new cars are to end in 2025.

Mahindra Defense Systems is part of the Mahindra Rise group’s armaments portfolio, which includes over 150 companies operating in 22 industries in over 100 countries. The group comes from the Mahindra-Mahindra company founded in 1945 and since 1947 producing Willys Jeep cars under license.

In the armaments industry, five companies operate within the Mahindra group. Mahindra Defense Systems are Defense Land Systems India, Mahindra Emirates Vehicle Armoring (MEVA) behind production plants located in Jordan and the UAE, Mahindra Telephonics Integrated Systems, and Mahindra Defense Naval Systems. The first three deal with, among others, the production of armored vehicles.

The contract was preceded by 18 months of vehicle tests conducted by the Indian army.

Ballistic protection, according to STANAG 4569

The Mahindra ALSV vehicle ordered by the Indian army is a construction offered both on the domestic and foreign markets (including MEVA). The car was designed and developed by Mahindra Defense Systems, and its armored 4-door body protects a four-person crew (in the basic version) with ballistic protection up to B7 / 2 according to STANAG 4569 and anti-mine security up to level 1 according to STANG 4569.

The patrol/weapon carrier version can be equipped with turntable-mounted weapons systems, such as machine guns, grenade launchers, and ATGM launchers. In addition to the crew and weapons, the vehicle can also carry equipment (such as means of communication), additional ammunition, supplies, etc. weighing up to 400 kg, both in a relatively spacious cabin and in the open cargo space above the rear axle. The load capacity of the empty vehicle is 1000 kg.

India purchased 1,300 Mahindra ALSV totaling $146 million
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The manufacturer also offers specialized versions for six to eight people, including an armored medical evacuation vehicle, a command vehicle, an 81/82 mm mortar carrier, or a logistics vehicle/ammunition vehicle.

Drive and chassis

The Mahindra ALSV driveline consists of a 3.2 liter Steyr Motors M16 UI 6-cylinder multi-fuel diesel engine with a maximum power of 215hp and 500Nm of torque. The drive unit works with the GM 4-speed automatic gearbox (Mahindra ALSV can also use a 6-speed automatic gearbox) and a reduction gearbox through which all-wheel drive (4×4) is transmitted.

The exhaust system is equipped with a self-cleaning system, which, combined with the Donaldson double air filtration system, ensures trouble-free operation of the vehicle in dusty conditions.

Both AxelTech axles with independent suspension are equipped with differential locks. On the other hand, wheels in size 318/80 R17 are equipped with run-flat inserts. Additionally, the car is equipped with a central Teleflow wheel pumping system.

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Mahindra ALSV equipment

India purchased 1,300 Mahindra ALSV totaling $146 million
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The vehicle’s top speed is 120 km / h, and it accelerates from 0 to 60 km / h in 12 seconds. The maximum range is 400 km.

The manufacturer can supplement the vehicle’s standard equipment with additional elements, such as an electric winch, GPS, equipment mounting frames, a fifth seat, protective nets for windows, explosion-proof mats for the cabin floor, command systems, communication systems, etc.


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