Meet the concept of promising US fighter F-36 Kingsnake

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Recently, the chief of staff of the American United States, General Charles Brown, announced the desire of the Air Force to obtain a conditional alternative to the F-16 fighter, made at a qualitatively new level and taking into account modern trends. It is speculated that such an aircraft could be something of a supplement to the fifth generation F-35.

Meet the concept of promising US fighter F-36 Kingsnake
Photo credit: Andy Godfrey/Teasel Studio

What would such a machine look like? Obviously, we will not know the answer to this question soon. Nevertheless, some assumptions can be made. This is exactly what Hush-Kit did, talking to aircraft experts Stephen McParlin and James Smith, who helped develop aircraft such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Eurofighter Typhoon. Then illustrator Andy Godfrey of Teasel Studio took their ideas and created a concept called the F-36. Popular Mechanics talks about this in detail.

Based on the requirements previously expressed by Charles Brown, the specialists presented a concept of a light, inexpensive aircraft, which in a broad sense would be a development of the ideas laid down in the F-16. The main principles of the F-36 are speed of development, availability and the possibility of introducing new technologies in the future. “The F-35 is a Ferrari, the F-22 is a Bugatti Chiron, the US Air Force needs a Nissan 300ZX,” Hush-Kit’s Joe Coles told Popular Mechanics.

The aircraft will be able to carry bombs and missiles on internal and external suspensions. At the same time, the car will not be stealth in the usual sense. Among other things, they propose to equip the plane with a cannon, which would make it possible to work more efficiently against ground targets.

Will something like this appear in the future? It is difficult to answer this question. Now the Americans operate a large fleet of F-16 fighters. According to open sources, the US Air Force today has over 400 F-16C fighters and over 100 F-16Ds. These machines will have to be replaced with something in the future. Meanwhile, the United States continues to implement the F-35 program, increasing the production of these machines and endowing them with more and more capabilities.

In addition, the US Air Force recently received the first F-15EX, which in the future will be able to replace part of the fourth generation fighters sent to retirement.

We can see something similar in the country’s naval forces, which want to operate the new fourth generation fighters on a par with the carrier-based F-35Cs. Recall that last year the F / A-18 Block III Super Hornet, the final version of F / A-18E / F, took to the skies for the first time.


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