Britain: ‘We need more nukes, artificial intelligence, cyber security’

LONDON, (BM) – Britain is preparing a new strategy for national defense, has learned. The information was officially published on March 16th in a document reviewing defense, security, and foreign policy.

According to the document, London plans to increase its stockpile of nuclear warheads. The British will further invest in developing systems with artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and improving the activities of space command.

On the other hand, no significant increase in ships, aircraft and fighter jets, armored vehicles, and personnel is expecting. In this way, London hopes to secure and guarantee the financial reserve needed to meet its defense, security, and foreign policy goals. Howard Wheeldon of the Wheeldon Strategic Advisory says this is a new beginning and “a great document full of intentions and hopes.”

Another critical point in the circulated document is the strengthening of industrial cooperation with the local defense industry. To this end, London intends to reduce its participation in “default competition” programs significantly. According to Paul Everitt, this is the right approach that will support local industry.

Britain’s nuclear intentions

Decades ago, Britain agreed to reduce its nuclear capabilities to 180 nuclear missiles. That was supposed to happen by the middle of last year. Over the last decade, the dynamic policy of the British, Brexit, and its consequences pave the way for an increase in British nuclear power.

London expects to increase its nuclear capabilities to at least 260 nuclear warheads soon. This action means that London can afford to increase the number of strategic weapons by more than 40%.

The review of the new Defense, Security, and Foreign Policy says that some countries “significantly increase and diversify their nuclear arsenals. They invest in new nuclear technologies and develop new” combat “nuclear systems that integrate into their military strategies and doctrines and in their political rhetoric to try to force others.”

In the coming years, London expects to replace the Vanguard submarines with new Dreadnought-class submarines. The latter must become the bearers of a new nuclear warhead, which is being developed intensively in Great Britain. According to information from the British Ministry of Defense, the construction of the Dreadnought class’s first submarine is going according to plan and budget.


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