US veteran: Washington will use the ‘chemical weapons’ excuse in Syria

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – US military analyst and US Army veteran Mark Sleboda make a bold assumption about US future policy toward Syria. According to Sleboda, the White House is ready to use the “chemical weapons” card to confront Bashar al-Assad’s presidency and demonize Russia in the region.

The American veteran also claims that Joe Biden will continue Barack Obama’s financing jihadist proxy wars in Syria. Sloboda says the United States will do everything possible to avoid a confrontation with the Russian military in the region. Russia has been in Syria since 2015 at the invitation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The future will show whether the White House will “throw” to the world the map for “the use of chemical weapons” in Syria. But some signals support this claim. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the new US envoy to the UN, has once said that Moscow is “blocking” efforts to investigate “alleged” chemical attacks in the Arab country. She made this statement on March 4 this year.

Vasily Nebenzia, Russia’s representative to the United Nations, said the United States was using the “chemical map” to exert pressure. Nebenzia also commented that no country has wanted to discuss “counter-arguments” for the chemical attacks so far. “Countermeasures provided not by Russia but by independent experts and organizations,” Nebenzia concluded.

Silently, Biden increased the American presence in Syria

Without much fuss or publicity, the White House began to increase its presence in Syria after President Donald Trump’s tenure. At least that’s what military observers on the ground in northeastern Syria see.

A total of six new US helicopters landed on March 6 at the US base in al-Shadada, al-Hasakah province. According to the Syrian state news agency SANA, American soldiers got off the helicopter and pulled out about 20 wooden boxes. It is assumed that thermal missiles were placed in them.

Random photographs from the highway near Ramadi, Iraq, captured the movement of a convoy of American trucks transporting short-range air defense systems. These are the Avenger systems, and the convoy was moving towards the border with Syria.

In February, Marine General Kenneth Mackenzie Jr. said that the “enemy” used cheap and easily controlled drones purchased from the commercial network. According to the general, strange, but these drones have become a tactical advantage of the enemy as it may sound.

Was the American airstrike on February 25 a dust in the eyes?

According to Mark Sleboda, that was what they were. Sloboda says the Pentagon has attacked the position of Iraqi Shiites Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada. The United States funded both groups during their fight against ISIS and Al Qaeda. Sloboda claims that the White House knew very well that these two groups were not to blame for the recent attacks on Americans and their allies in Iraq. “Biden had to hit fast. Someone. Everyone,” Sleboda said.

Sleboda’s statement is ironically or not supported by a report by Mark Dubowitz. He is the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies’ chief executive and made a statement on NBC News on February 22. He says the US strikes are nothing more than “calming Iran.” The United States has hit groups that Iran does not back.

According to Dubowitz, Biden’s tactics and Obama’s tactics were “to close our eyes to regional aggression and offer economic relief as a sign of support and commitment.”


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