Japan wants US nuclear weapons, Russia promised to respond

TOKYO, (BM) – News from last week remained a bit in countries of international news exchange. The United States and Japan are considering nuclear missiles’ deployment in the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan – ed.).

Such an opportunity is being widely circulated in the Japanese media. It is supported by the fact that Washington withdrew from the INF Treaty in 2019. Thus, there is no longer an obstacle for the United States to deploy its nuclear weapons in Japan.

Military experts say such a move would be an “attempt to deter” Russian aggression. Others believe that Japan does not justify such actions. US nuclear weapons deployment in the Asian country will force the Russian military to turn its attention against Japan.

Political scientists believe that this is a strategic move by the United States. It aims to divert Russian attention to American actions or at least weaken them. The United States has already taken steps to deploy medium-range intercontinental ballistic missiles in several parts of the world. Such action could only confirm the Pentagon’s desire to deploy medium-range nuclear missiles in Japan.

Russia’s reaction

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova told a news conference on March 12 that if the United States deployed a medium-range surface-to-air missile in Japan, “it would involve a response from us.”

Zakharova acknowledged that the deployment of missiles would be a “new threat to Russia” and warned the United States and other countries, saying it would “significantly shake the world’s stability and the region.” Analysts suggest that Russia has already begun to oppose US plans by deploying its surface-to-air missiles in the Russian Federation’s far east.

Japan could lose Hokkaido island

Japan could lose Hokkaido island if it does not stop provocations near Russia’s borders, Chinese military experts told Sina.

For many years, Russia and Japan have been unable to resolve the Kuril Islands’ territorial dispute. Due to this situation, a peace treaty has not yet been signed, threatening to become not the most pleasant consequences. According to experts, a tiny spark will be enough to cause a severe conflict. “If Japan provokes a conflict with Russia over the four northern islands, the consequences will be obvious the day after it begins. “Tokyo will be very lucky if it manages to keep Hokkaido under its control,” Sina analysts said.

If Japan tries to take the Kuril Islands by force, then this task is unlikely to be an easy walk. The son estimates that there are 4,000 Russian soldiers in the region. Besides, here are the anti-ship complexes Bal and Bastion and various heavy equipment, such as tanks and self-propelled artillery.

“The Russian Federation will react quickly to this aggression, and Japan will have to face the wrath of one of the world’s leading military powers,” Sina’s authors said. Moscow will immediately send warships and submarines to the Russian Pacific Fleet to the conflict zone. “Japan will have to pay too high a price to try to take the Kuril Islands,” Chinese military experts said.


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