US received the first fighter launching hypersonic missiles

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The international media widely covered the F-15EX. In recent months, Washington has focused on him. On March 10, the US Air Force received its first fighter of this type. The plane took off directly from the Boeing St. Louis plant and landed at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida.

US received the first fighter launching hypersonic missiles
Photo credit: USAF

This fighter is characterizing by the ability to carry a large payload. Compared to its competitors, the F-15EX is the American analog of the Russian Su-35S. The F-15EX is a generation 4 ++ like the Russian fighter. The American Eagle could become a “lifeline” for the US Air Force after Washington has severely criticized the F-35 for the past 12 months.

The future purpose of the F-15EX is to complement the combat capability of the US Air Force and compete with the F-35 seriously. According to Colonel Sean Dory, head of the F-15EX program, the fighter will play a significant tactical role in US military action. “This is an important moment for the Air Force,” he said.

What is the latest version of the F-15?

The F-15EX features a state-of-the-art digital cockpit, a passive/active warning system, significantly improved and enhanced avionics, and an ADCP-II computer from Honeywell. This type of computer is considered one of the best during combat operations and missions. Raytheon has delivered its AN / APG-82 radar to the fighter, built of an active phased array.

According to the fighter’s specifications, the F-15EX can carry 22 guided air-to-air missiles, as well as a hypersonic weapon up to 22 feet long and weighing 7,000 pounds. Twenty-eight mini bombs are the maximum capacity of the F-15EX.

The Eglin naval base in Florida expects the second fighter next month. By the end of 2023, at least six more must winter in the same command. The available F-15 fighter jets of the US Air Force are expecting to be “retired” soon. For this reason, Washington has ordered approximately 200 F-15EXs to replace the obsolete F-15s.

Another Boeing fighter, the F-18, could displace Russia from the Indian market

For many years, the Russian MiG-29s were the main attacking air force of the Indian Air Force. India will soon have its aircraft carrier, and the Russians hope their MiG29-K will be preferred again.

However, Boeing does not think so, and last year they managed to confuse the Russians’ accounts seriously. Boeing’s Indian division has introduced a specially designed F-18EX model for the Indian Navy. This Indian version of the F-15 can take off from a ski-trench track with much smaller dimensions than the standard aircraft carrier tracks.

The chances of the F-18EX seriously confusing the Russians’ tidy “card deck” increase as Washington accepts the success of the F-18EX and prepares an export license. Thus, the F-18EX officially joined the Indian race for a fighter of the local Navy.

We remind you that so far, the inability of an American fighter jet to take off and land on a shorter runway or a ski trench was the main problem. However, it has already been resolved.


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