Belarus wants Su-30SM fighter jets, but free of charge

MINSK, (BM) – A meeting between Russia and Belarus in the field of military cooperation was held recently. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko asked his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for Su-30 fighters, but free of charge.

It is a matter of deploying an increase in the contingent of Russian troops in Belarus. Lukashenko is proposing to give Russia access to even more military bases in the country. The Kremlin will have to send additional teams to its air force with Su-30CM fighters for its part.

Belarus does not have enough money to buy these or other types of fighters from Russia. “Give us these planes. But on these planes, the Russians and the Belarusians must fly together. And there are enough bases, and Belarus or Russia should not create new ones; why waste money. It is better to build new planes for them,” he said. Lukashenko.

However, in addition to new “free” planes, Lukashenko asked Russia for the most modern weapons for them, again “free.” “Of course, if they can be based on our bases and our boys will fly with the Russians, of course, then we have to ask for weapons for these planes. And they also have to be the most modern weapons. We are not talking about nuclear weapons. “We are talking about conventional weapons. This bloc was perhaps the most extensive in our negotiations,” the Belarusian head of state added.

Where can the Kremlin deploy additional Su-30CMs in Belarus?

Russian military experts are discussing this situation. Many of them claim that the airbases in Lida, Baranovichi, and Machulishti are entirely suitable. These airbases are in western Belarus. Russia already has Su-30SMs stationed in Belarus, and they are at Baranovichi Air Base.

This base is a part of the air defense of the country. The Sopka-2 radar system locates here. Distances, range, azimuths, altitude, and targets are measuring in the base. The radar system has a height range of 35 km. and a radius of 450 km.

There are four more airports near the Russian-Belarusian border – two are auxiliary (Bolbasovo and Bobruisk). The other two have not been operated since Soviet times (Bihov and Vitebsk-North).

It should be noted that the Su-30 is equipped, among other things, with an on-board radar station “Bars,” which provides an overview of space, automatic detection and tracking of targets, including in conditions of maneuverable air combat, and targeting them from aircraft guided missiles of type R. 77, R-73, R-27, X-31, RVV-AE, and others, as well as automatic radar mapping of the terrain. Also, the Su-30 can carry six medium-range air-to-air missiles weighing up to four tons.

The reasons

There are two reasons for Alexander Lukashenko to ask Moscow to operate free Russian equipment – one is a “smokescreen” in front of the public, the other is political and economic.

Lukashenko likes to scare his fellow citizens with NATO. According to the Belarusian president, NATO and the United States are stalking the Belarusians and will enter the country at any moment. Of course, disinformation is one of the weapons of Lukashenko, who “enjoys” a low rating after falsifying the country’s election results to win … again. Lukashenko needs an enemy to divert his fellow citizens’ attention from the country’s low standard of living and deteriorating economic indicators. Something like Erdogan and Turkey.

The real reason Lukashenko to ask “free” planes from Putin is the lack of money and financial debts to Russia. To maintain the level of combat capability and guard the borders of Belarus, Lukashenko must-have modern weapons. Only Russia can provide them. But debts to the Kremlin over the years have forced the Belarusian president to look for alternatives – offering “free” military bases at the expense of new fighters with modern weapons and joint flights between Russians and Belarusians.


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