Ten rockets hit an Iraqi airbase with US troops

BAGHDAD, (BM) – On Wednesday, March 3, 10 missiles hit the Ain al-Assad airbase at 7:20 local time, BulgarianMilitary.com learned, citing sources from Iraq and the American television network ABS. According to a press release issued by the Iraqi military, the damage was not significant. No casualties have been reported yet.

US Colonel Wayne Marto confirmed the news. An investigation into the attack began immediately. Coalition forces and the Iraqi military have found the site from which the enemy fired the missiles. She was in the Al Baghdadi area of ​​Anbar. Coalition forces found a burnt truck on the spot, from which the missiles were supposed to have been fired. Al Baghdadi is 8 km from the US Air Force Base.

Ain al-Assad Air Base is the same base that was attacked again last year in response to Iranian General Suleimani. Dozens of American soldiers were wounded then.


Military experts say the attack today in Iran’s response to the US bombing of the Syrian-Iraqi border last week. Shiite militia forces were affected during the attack.

The British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, condemned the Ain al-Assad base’s attacks through his official Twitter account. Representatives of Denmark, who have troops stationed in the area, made a strong statement.

Political analysts note that the attack took place two days before Pope Francis’ first official visit to Iraq. The Roman Catholic leader is also expected to visit Baghdad and the northern city of Irbil.

We remind you that during the rule of former US President Donald Trump, the Green Zone in Baghdad suffered a total of four missile attacks. At the same time, Trump has decided to withdraw a significant portion of the US contingent to Iraq.

The US airstrike over Syria

US President Joe Biden’s first military operation is already a fact. On February 25 evening against 26th morning, the United States launched the first airstrike on Iranian bases in Syria, located near Iraq’s border.

In a Pentagon statement, the United States said the airstrikes were in response to Iranian attacks in Iraq earlier this month. Analysts say the US strikes show no intention of expanding the US contingent in the region. According to them, these strikes are a demonstration of force.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters that the US strikes were a response to Shiite actions since February 15. According to him, the United States is confident in Shiites’ involvement, and therefore the attacks were carried out.

“We said several times that we would respond on our timeline,” Austin said. “We wanted to be sure of the connectivity, and we wanted to be sure that we had the right targets.”

A Pentagon spokesman said US airstrikes had achieved their goal. “We have destroyed many facilities at a border checkpoint.” According to Kirby, this checkpoint is using by battle groups of Kataib Hezbollah and Kataib Sayyid al-Shuhada.


Terrorist acts in Iraq using explosives and firearms. Attacks accompanied by many victims carry out against the civilian population, law enforcement officers, and other states’ diplomatic missions. Islamic State or ISIS is responsible for some of the attacks. A common tactic is to undermine mined cars, as well as suicide bombings. Explosions are herding in mosques, markets, restaurants during the funeral. By the number of terrorist acts, Iraq is one of the hottest spots in the world. More than 40,000 people died from the attacks.


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