China: the US cannot intercept Russia’s Avangard hypersonic missile

BEIJING, (BM) – Advanced Russian weapons worry the United States and force Washington to remain vigilant. Analysts at the Chinese edition of Sohu said that Moscow’s military technologies are most worrying at the Pentagon.

The United States actively uses economic sanctions against the Russian Federation, but Washington does not dare to take more decisive action against its primary opponent. The reason is the fear of Russian military power, analysts from the Middle Kingdom emphasize.

The White House has repeatedly made loud statements about the “Russian threat,” calling on allies to unite to confront Moscow. There are many weapons in the Russian Federation’s arsenal that make the Pentagon nervous. According to the authors of Sohu, hypersonic missile systems are the biggest concern. These advanced developments have become a brilliant and cunning move by Russia in military competition with the United States, Chinese experts are convinced.

“Russia was aware that it could not compete with the United States in developing aircraft carrying ships that made up a significant portion of the United States’ military might. “Moscow decided to focus on developing hypersonic weapons, and it turned out to be the right choice that allowed Russia to overtake its Western rival,” the article said.

According to Sohu analysts, the most dangerous for the United States is the strategic missile system Avangard: a hypersonic missile fired from this system can reach American territory in record time.

“The United States has an excellent missile defense system, but Avangard is so good that the Americans cannot intercept this missile due to its high speed and unpredictable flight trajectory,” the authors of the publication said. Hypersonic complex – “Dagger” and “Zircon.” In the event of a military conflict, Russia is likely to use these key weapons, and then the US military will face significant problems.”

Washington is well aware that it is losing to Russia and, trying to catch up with its opponent, is making significant efforts to develop its hypersonic weapons. However, according to Chinese experts, if Moscow has created missile systems as a means of self-defense under constant pressure from the United States, then the Pentagon could use similar developments for offensive actions. And this must provoke caution on the part of the international community.


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