Reactions after the bombing of the two US F-15s over Syria

PANAGYURISHTE, (BM) – As we reported on February 15, the US Air Force bombed the Syrian-Iraqi border. The target of the attack was Iranian-backed militias and a checkpoint in the region.

President Joe Biden’s administration has said Washington had used two F-15E Strike Eagles, and to complete the mission successfully, they dropped a total of seven high-precision-guided bombs.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin told reporters that the US strikes had been a response to Shiite actions since February 15. According to him, the United States is confident in Shiites’ involvement, and therefore the attacks were carried out.

“We said several times that we would respond on our timeline,” Austin said. “We wanted to be sure of the connectivity, and we wanted to be sure that we had the right targets.”

Bad sign

In recent years, the main actors in the region – Syria, Russia, and Iran – were quick to react and commented on the US bombing.

Damascus called the attacks a “bad sign,” and this action would have destabilizing consequences. According to the Syrians, this is “cowardly American aggression.”

Iran also joined the comments after the US airstrikes. According to Tehran, the United States has violated human rights and international law. Iran has identified these attacks as illegal, and they will de-escalate tensions in the region and escalate military conflicts.

Russia also commented on the issue. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, it is not clear what “Washington’s idea” is. Sergei Lavrov doubted the reasons for the American airstrikes. “It is essential for us to understand the United States’ strategic line on the ground,” Lavrov said.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that Washington had notified Moscow of the impending attack. The notification was made 4-5 minutes before its implementation.

Field intelligence

The airstrikes were carried out thanks to intelligence from field sources. They were mostly Iraqi and Kurdish fighters who provided the necessary intelligence to Washington. This information is related to the exact location of exactly these boys who participated in and carried out the missile attack on February 15.

At the same time, it became known that the Pentagon had not coordinated the airstrikes with the Iraqi Ministry of Defense. According to the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad, the United States corresponds with them only joint operations against Islamic State.

Israel has also been notified of the impending US attacks. From military sources in Tel Aviv, learned that the Israeli army had also provided intelligence to the Americans. Various sources among the Israeli military and leadership confirm that Tel Aviv was very pleased with Joe Biden’s move.

Three rockets hit Baghdad on February 22

Baghdad came under rocket fire on Monday (February 22nd), as we reported, citing a statement from the Iraqi military. According to Iraqis, three rockets hit Iraq’s capital, two of which fell in the city’s fortified Green Zone.

According to U.S. military intelligence, the missiles were fired by Katyusha multiple rocket launchers. The U.S. military has confirmed that the two missiles landed near the U.S. embassy, ​​located in Baghdad’s green zone. The Joint Operations Headquarters locates in the Green Zone, as well as other foreign missions.

No casualties reported so far, and field sources say the missiles caused minor damage. No one or any organization has claimed responsibility for the missile attack.

This attack is the third rocket attack in the Green Zone in Baghdad in the last 7-10 days. The question remains how mobile and stationary missile defense systems fail to intercept and destroy missiles that fall in the Green Zone.


Terrorist acts in Iraq using explosives and firearms. Attacks accompanied by many victims carry out against the civilian population, law enforcement officers, and other states’ diplomatic missions. Islamic State or ISIS is responsible for some of the attacks. A common tactic is to undermine mined cars, as well as suicide bombings. Explosions are herding in mosques, markets, restaurants during the funeral. By the number of terrorist acts, Iraq is one of the hottest spots in the world. More than 40,000 people died from the attacks.


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