Russia is ready to negotiate with Turkey for fighter jets

MOSCOW, (BM) – Russia has again stated its readiness to start negotiations with Turkey for the production and supply of 4 ++ and fifth-generation fighters [Su-57 is a 4 ++ generation fighter – ed.]. The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation made a similar statement.

“We have said many times that we are ready to discuss the possibility of supplying Turkey with the full range of Russian military products, including the latest aviation technologies,” the FSMTC said. FSMTC made the statement after a journalistic inquiry by several Russian media.

Russia is trying to offer Turkey its two newest and state-of-the-art fighter jets, the Su-35, and Su-57. According to sources from the Federal Office for Military-Technical Cooperation, Ankara liked both models of fighters.

However, the Russian Federal Service representative reaffirmed that it is essential for the Russian Air Force to be the first to have the Russian Su-57 fighter. Moscow has ordered 76 pieces from Sukhoi, and production is concentrating on them in the coming years. According to preliminary information, the export model Su-57E can start production at the earliest after five years.

Su-35 and Su-57

The Su-35 is considered one of the world’s best fighters and is on a par with the American F-22 and F-35. Although not a fifth-generation fighter [4 ++ – ed.], the Su-35 operates with fifth-generation fighters’ technologies. The Su-35 is a multifunctional ultra-maneuverable fighter.

In 2015, China was the first country to order and purchase a Su-35. Indonesia also had an agreement to buy the model, but the threat of US economic sanctions halted the Indonesian government, and the deal failed.

Su-57 is the latest fighter model of Russian military production. The Russians consider it a fifth-generation fighter, but the lack of specific sensitive sensors and a particular engine still characterize it as a 4 ++ generation fighter.

However, the Su-57 is a stealth fighter designed to destroy all types of targets in the air, land, and sea. Another critical function of aircraft is the ability to overcome air defense systems and destroy them. The Su-57 can operate autonomously with the attacking Okhotnik or S-70 fighter drone.

Turkey needs a fighter jet

Ankara’s decision to buy Russian S-400 air defense systems has sparked a severe conflict between the United States and Turkey. Apart from the fact that the conflict was the reason for imposing economic sanctions on Balkan, Washington expelled Ankara from the F-35 program.

This situation posed a serious problem and challenge to the Turks. Their air force needs a modern fighter. Currently, the F-16 is Ankara’s main combat air force, but Washington’s issues do not guarantee the fighters’ upgrade quality or any in-time upgrade.

Turkey will soon have its first light aircraft carrier, which again calls into question what this ship will carry when there are no fighters.

Although Ankara is working on its next-generation fighter jet, this project’s expectations will be realized for decades are declining.


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