The United States is ready with its hypersonic weapon system

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Nearly two years ago, Washington was unprepared when Russia announced that it had at least two hypersonic missiles and a hypersonic glide vehicle [Avangard]. Today it is clear that the Pentagon is preparing to arm the U.S. army with its first hypersonic installation within the fiscal year.

The Defense News reported this news, citing a statement by Lieutenant General L. Neil Turgudl. He is director of the Army’s Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technology Service. According to the general, in the next 200 days, the United States will have its first hypersonic capability.

The integrator of the new American weapon is the Lockheed Martin company. According to the latest information, the system will be mobile, which means that the U.S. units will fire the truck’s missiles. Defense News confirms this information, saying that in addition to the already produced hypersonic sliding body, launchers, trucks, trailers, and a combat operations center have also been made.

The training start on October

The selected unit that will serve the hypersonic capability of the U.S. military will begin training with the system in October this year. Then the real field tests of the “American hypersonic” form are expected to be completed by 2022. According to sources, there is a possibility that the last test to conducted in the first quarter of 2023.

The hypersonic device known to the general public as C-HGB [Common-Hypersonic Glide Body] had already passed its first test last year when launched from the Pacific Ocean. It hit the target with a radius of error of only 6 inches.

The Pentagon does not say which will be the army unit that will start operating with the weapon.

China and Russia are actively developing such weapons

Russia was the first country known to the public to develop hypersonic missiles and introduce them to the world nearly two years ago. The Russian Avangard system is a hypersonic glide vehicle allowing the maximum rocket speed to reach Mach 20-27.

The Russian Dagger missile is designed to be launched from the air by a MiG-31 interceptor fighter and reaches Mach 10-12. The third Russian rocket is Zircon. This missile reaches a maximum speed of 8-9 Mach and launches from warships, naval drones, and submarines.

To date, there is no detailed and reliable information about Chinese production in the field of hypersonic missiles. The only officially introduced hypersonic weapon from China is the DF-ZF, which is a hypersonic glide vehicle.

Hypersonic weapons can fly faster than Mach 5 – beyond the speed of sound – and can maneuver between different altitudes and azimuths, making them difficult to detect. This weapon consists of a warhead, a guidance system, wiring, and a shield for thermal protection.


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