New US attack helicopters are looking for next-gen ammunition

WASHINGTON, (BM) – In 2022, the U.S. military plans to conduct test shootings on its latest attacking helicopters. To that end, Joe Biden’s administration is looking for a manufacturer to provide the new helicopters with more precise long-range ammunition.

This information had published on the central government website for concluding contracts with the Pentagon. According to her, the United States is looking for new solutions in the field of long-range defeat. The companies that the Pentagon will select will have to demonstrate the capabilities of their answers in real combat shootings in the U.S. military training grounds. These shootings are expecting to take place at the end of 2022.

The United States said that future long-range munitions were critical to the Pentagon’s strategy and attack helicopters’ development. The Pentagon will provide everything needed to conduct tests of selected companies – time, equipment, helicopters, integration, and more.

The new ammunition

The United States is not just looking for another weapon system. The military command is trying to find a new solution to a weapon system that strikes different targets. In addition to standard targets such as armored vehicles, control units, and enemy troops, the new ammunition will have to hit integrated air defense systems successfully.

The U.S. military published a necessary clarification in the Pentagon statement. According to the military, the new ammunition should hit more than 30 km. If they reach 40 km and more, this will be considered a serious advantage for the candidate manufacturer.

In reality, the Pentagon is looking for a new weapon system that can work in all conditions – day, night, lack of GPS connection, adverse weather systems, etc. The system should automatically activate in the event of a problem, regardless of the above factors.

The FARA program

FARA stands for Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft. This project is a new U.S. military program, which must design and build the best aircraft to dominate the United States in the air. According to military analysts, this program includes all next-generation aircraft, withstanding asymmetric threats.

The program aims to develop weapons technology that will save the life of the pilot or operator of the aircraft, preserve the equipment used, and successfully defeat and eliminate targets. I.e., in general, defeat from a long distance without entering into close combat.

In addition to new long-range ammunition and systems, the program must provide the U.S. military with new defenses against enemy sensors to prevent the enemy from locating the aircraft.


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