Why the Russian Su-35 is a better fighter than the American F-15?

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Russia’s fourth-generation Su-35 fighter surpasses the American F-15 in many ways and “holds the crown of the best fighter,” learned BulgarianMilitary.com citing the article in The National Interest.

Russian F-35 fighter jet
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Expert Sebastian Roblin decided to review the characteristics of two competing fighters from Russia and the United States – Su-35 and F-15. He stressed that the Russian model of the 4++ generation is a deep modernization of the Su-27 aircraft, equipped with modern electronics, stealth technology, and engines with vector traction control, which makes the aircraft extremely maneuverable, writes FAN.

The Su-35 equips with a powerful Irbis-E radar station capable of detecting targets at a distance of 400 kilometers, the expert wrote. The APG-63 (V) 3 radar installed on the F-15 has a higher resolution and increased immunity against interference and tracking by enemy radars. The Su-35 also has an infrared search and tracking system, the analyst said, allowing the pilot to detect planes within a 50-kilometer radius. According to him, such equipment enables the detection of enemy stealth aircraft, and the F-15 does not have such devices.

Roblin also noted that the Russian fighter is superior to its American competitor in terms of radar stealth. He recalled that the F-15 was not designed as a stealth fighter, while the Su-35 was designed initially with such capabilities, making the Su-35 less visible to enemy radar.

The armament of the two fighters

The issue of armaments was also considered by an expert, who noted that the Su-35 has 12 units for hanging missiles, while the F-15 has only eight. Russian and American aircraft carry long-range air-to-air missiles, the K-77M and AIM-120D, respectively. Both munitions have similar characteristics, but the Russian model has a range of up to 200 kilometers, and the American missile has a range of 160 kilometers. The Su-35 can be equipped with an ultra-long-range R-37M missile capable of hitting 400 km, which Roblin said would be effective against tankers and early warning aircraft.

“The Su-35 has 12 or more solid missile installation points, compared to eight on the F-15C. This is an obvious advantage for the Su-35, which will probably launch several missiles at once to increase the chance of hitting, “the author of the article wrote.

The Russian plane is equipped with the Khibiny electronic warfare system, which protects the Su-35 from AIM-120 missiles, Roblin said. The analyst added that such F-15 equipment, developed in the 1970s, is quite outdated.

The F-35 handles ground targets effectively

The F-15, like its Russian rival, has good maneuverability, but the Su-35’s vector jet engines will allow the Russian Federation to “turn” an American fighter in close combat. The expert also noted Russian aircraft’s ability to deal effectively with ground targets, unlike the F-15, which does not have such an opportunity, as it is designed only to achieve air superiority.

“The Su-35 retains the crown of the best fighter and also remains very ready for combat and a universal missile platform against air and ground targets,” Roblin said.

Last year, The National Interest reported a video of Russian Su-35 fighters published by the Ministry of Defense. According to journalists, the video shows that the Russian fighters are “killers.”


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