Russia prepares to export 50 new weapons in the coming years

MOSCOW, (BM) – The state arms company Rosoboronexpot’s plans for the coming years are to maintain its competitiveness by providing foreign customers with at least 50 new types of Russian weapons. The editor-in-chief of the Russian magazine, the National Defense Igor Korotchenko, expressed such an opinion.

Rosoboronexpot's plans for the coming years are to maintain its competitiveness by providing foreign customers with at least 50 new types of Russian weapons.
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According to Korotchenko, the Russian mentality of production and trade differs from that of Western countries. Russia, Korotchenko says, is preparing an export version for each weapon, while this is not the West’s case. Korotchenko claims that whatever the Russian military receives as weapons technology and systems, a “passport for the export” of these weapons is preparing similarly.

Korotchenko gave a concrete example of forthcoming exports. According to him, Russia is ready to provide its partners with access to the anti-aircraft artillery system Derivation-Air Defense 2S38. A press release of the state corporation Rosoboronexport confirmed this information and even specified the period for this to happen – the next five to seven years.

Korotchenko said Russia annually exports weapons worth a total of between $ 14 billion and $ 15 billion, making it the world’s second-largest arms market. The first is the United States. The money goes to finance Russian enterprises from the military industry but did not specify how much money.

What are the current Russian weapons for export today?

In recent years, we have witnessed interesting Russian decisions in the field of defense and security. They have led to both a slight increase in the market position of Russian weapons and international political crises.

The S-400 anti-aircraft system is perhaps the most discussed and traded weapon. Turkey bought such systems and damaged relations with the United States, to the extent that Washington expelled Ankara from the F-35 program. India has also signed a contract to buy the S-400. Egypt, Iran, and Syria are also in the queue.

The Pantsir-S1 mobile anti-aircraft missile system is on the market in recent years. Serbia, Libya, UAE, India, Syria, and other countries showed interest and bought Pantsir-C1. Subsequently, however, this Russian system proved to be quite vulnerable, as numbers began to decline one after another due to Turkish Bayraktar drones. There is talk among senior military circles in Moscow that the Pantsir-S1 could stop as a project.

The MiG-35, Su-24, Su-30, and Su-35, in turn, are conquering markets in Asia, Africa, and some countries in the Middle East. Modern Russian fighters of generation 4 ++ are gradually proving themselves on the international markets. Military experts on both sides of the ocean even claim that the Su-35 is perhaps the pinnacle of Russian aircraft construction and a real danger to any NATO aircraft.

What will Russia export in the coming years?

First on the line, followed with great international interest, is the Su-57 fighter. Its export version “E” is expected in Algeria, Egypt, India, and Turkey’s rumors.

Russia expects to arm itself with the latest S-500 Prometheus missile system in the coming years. However, some experts say that its technical characteristics are so good that Russia will not offer the S-500 on international markets and keep the technology. However, last year rumors began circulating that Ankara wanted joint production with Moscow on this system.

The Armata T-14 tank is probably the icing on the cake. This tank is the only working fourth generation tank, and his performance is too good. There are at least ten countries in the Army’s queue, but India may be the customer who bought the enormous amount of it. So big, they say in Russia, will change Moscow’s market position.

Which Russian weapon will not leave the country’s borders?

Most likely, Russia will never try to sell its most giant trump cards against any nation in the world. We are talking about Russian hypersonic missiles Zircon and Dagger and the hypersonic complex Avangard. Let’s remind you that Avangard launches the “terrifying missile” Sarmat.

The Poseidon drone, capable of carrying several nuclear warheads, is also unlikely to sail in another direction. Especially since it is still under development, the competition in this area expects to be fierce.


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