Israel sent military convoys to the borders with Lebanon and Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) – The Israel Defense Forces deployed additional forces to Lebanon and Syria’s borders immediately after massive airstrikes on the southern provinces of the Syrian Arab Republic.

On February 4, the Israeli army sent much military equipment and personnel to the Golan Heights and close to South Lebanon, Iranian news agency Mehr reported.

Photos posted on social media show a convoy of Israeli military equipment moving north and east. The Syrian state news agency SANA, as reported by, said that the air defense systems of the Syrian army intercepted and destroyed Israeli missiles aimed at areas south of the capital of the Arab republic.

The air strikes

As we reported today, according to the Syrian state news agency SANA, large-scale airstrikes took place late in the evening of February 3 in southern Syria. According to the agency, the Israeli air force carried out the attacks. The Israeli forces attacked Syrian positions in the Golan Heights, Damascus International Airport, and the 165th Battalion of the Syrian Army.

According to SANA, there are no reports of casualties among the country’s military and civilian population, but the agency said there was damage. The Syrian news agency claims that Israel used air-to-surface missiles fired by fighter jets and ground-to-ground missiles fired from Israeli ground positions.

Israel has no practice of confirming such actions. Thus, Tel Aviv does not deny but does not verify the news of Israeli strikes on Syrian territory. This passivity is the rule among the Israeli military and governments. Tel Aviv only confirms attacks, airstrikes, and military actions resulting from revenge after an Israeli territory attack.

Why is Israel attacking areas in Syria?

We remind you that since the beginning of the civil war, Tehran has been trying to establish a permanent military presence in Syria. Tehran supports Hezbollah’sHezbollah’s military action. Israel claims that these actions by Iran and Hezbollah, backed by Bashar al-Assad’s government, are the main reason Israel has carried out hundreds of airstrikes in the last decade.

The situation is almost similar to the “Israeli” cause of the airstrikes on Iraq’sIraq’s Syrian border areas. According to Israeli intelligence, Tehran is using these areas for arms transfers. Strange or not, but the Syrian media also confirms this news.

Very often, Israeli airstrikes on territories in Syria accompanies information from US military intelligence. It reveals to the Israelis mainly items in warehouses and depots and parts of pipelines used to store weapons.

More on the attacks on February 3

Israeli media Times of Israel claims that the Gulan Syrian positions targeted Iranian positions in the region and Hezbollah. Israeli times say the attack was necessary because Russia has failed to keep Iranian forces and the groups they support away from the conflict zone.

Two Iranian transport planes were expected the same day at Damascus International Airport, presumed to be carrying weapons and weapon systems. This fact is the reason for the airstrikes at the airport.

There is still no information about why the 156th Battalion was under attack, but reminded you that this Syrian Arab Army’s military unit had attacked in recent years.

Syria accuses Israel of using Lebanese airspace

Often, the Syrian government accuses Israel and the Israeli military of using Lebanese airspace to strike at Syrian targets. We remind you that the Israeli Air Force has no right to enter Syrian airspace.

For example, on January 22, 2021, airstrikes took place in the Syrian city of Hama. The strikes were carried out by the Israeli air force using Lebanese airspace. Syria’s state news agency SANA wrote about the attacks in a short statement.

The target of the Israeli strikes is not clear from the information spread by SANA. According to the agency’s field sources, Israel has attacked Iranian buildings and industries in the area.

SANA claims that Israel has used Lebanese airspace, particularly the strikes from the Lebanese coastal city of Tripoli. It is located approximately 150 km distance to Hama by land and about 100 km by air. According to SANA, the Israeli airstrikes killed a young Syrian family in the attacks.

Israeli media The Times of Israel believes that there are doubts about the Syrian family’s death circumstances. They refer to the fact that the Syrian news agency has not confirmed that airstrikes were the cause of death. The Israelis believe that debris and shrapnel from activated surface-to-air missiles were the cause of the damage to buildings and the end of the young family.

Israeli-Iranian proxy war / cold war

Communication between Israel and Iran is mostly threatening and hostile. Such has been the relationship between the two countries for a very long time. This situation is known as the proxy conflict, the proxy war, or the Cold War between the two countries.

The conflict “appeared” on the world map after the Iranian revolution in 1979. In all the years to this day, Iran aims to destroy Israel as a state. Tehran supports groups and organizations that are hostile to the Jewish state and people. On the other hand, Israel is worried about Iran’sIran’s nuclear program. The proximity of the two countries worries Tel Aviv that Iranians could use them against Israel if Iran has nuclear weapons. Israel also finds its allies in the face of the United States and Saudi Arabia, which are apparent opponents of Iran.

Thus, this conflict gradually turned into an Israeli-Iranian war. The competition has been going on since the start of the Syrian civil war. According to Iran, Israel rules by an illegitimate “Zionist regime,” a Tehran problem. Iran’sIran’s other point of reference is that the United States is hostile to Muslims because it supports Israel.


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