Sig Sauer’s NGSW guns and hybrid ammunition were delivered to the US Army

WASHINGTON, (BM) – World firearms leader Sig Sauer said in a press release that on February 2, the company delivered the next generation of systems (N.G.S.W.) to the U.S. military. The company said the delivery included the NGSW-AR light machine gun, NGSW-R rifle and suppressors, and 6.8×51 hybrid ammunition.

Sig Sauer's NGSW guns and hybrid ammunition were delivered to the US Army
Photo credit: Sig Sauer

During developing next-generation weapons, Sig Sauer’s designers gained access to American soldiers and Marines. SIG took their opinion into account, and thus the company more easily developed the required weapons. “Eventually, they (the soldiers) will make this weapon,” said Rohen Cohen, the company’s president, and C.E.O., in a statement. In a statement, Cohen thanked the Pentagon for its courage to allow military personnel to participate in the weapons development process.

Sig Sauer’s new weapons should replace the existing M4A1 carbines and M249 automatic weapons in the U.S. Infantry, according to In addition to Zig Sauer, the other two bidders are Textron Systems and the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Inc. team.

What does Sig Sauer offer?

According to the company’s press release, hybrid munitions have significantly improved the soldier’s efficiency and are already replacing those used by the U.S. military. 6.8×51 hybrid munitions are light cartridges operating at higher pressures. All this allows ammunition to increase its speed and efficiency.

NGSW-AR is the next proposed solution. NGSW-AR is a light machine that is at least 40% lighter than the currently used M249. NGSW-AR has a significantly unusually reduced recoil for a light machine gun and increased precision and accuracy when hitting the target.

The NGSW-R assault rifle can be almost familiar to American soldiers because it is built based on the MCX platform, which the U.S. soldiers tested in dozens of battles. However, the NGSW-R has additional firepower and two-way AR-style ergonomics.

Everything to be decided in 2022

According to the Pentagon’s plans, the U.S. military will determine the auction’s final winner sometime in 2022. At least the last is scheduled for then. As mentioned above, in addition to Sig Sauer, Textron Systems and the General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems Inc. team are also bidding.

Sig Sauer says it is ready to begin production and deliveries at any time, no matter when Washington makes its final decision.

“As a leader in the firearms manufacturing industry, we understand the challenge of bringing a system like this to reality. We designed our N.G.S.W. system to be production-ready, and with every component coming from SIG, it presents minimal fielding risk to the U.S.U.S. Army,” the press release said.

Sig Sauer has another advantage – the design of their weapons is very well known to American soldiers. This fact implies a gradual but quick and smooth transition from the old to the new gun. Sig Sauer even claims that hybrid ammunition can be produced by the company immediately.


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