It’s possible now for Russia to send a Tu-22M3 bomber to Syria

DAMASCUS, (BM) – The likelihood that Russia will send a Tu-22M3 bomber to Syria is gaining more and more real potential. In this case, however, it is not a question of strengthening Russia’s positions in the region or an impending air attack but of the runway’s technical capabilities at Khmeimim airbase.

It's possible now for Russia to send a Tu-22M3 bomber to Syria
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Years ago, dozens of Russian media reported that the Russian bomber had deployed at the base. This news did not turn out to be true for two reasons: inadequate track coverage and a short track. The two are interrelated, but the track surface plays a more significant role than its size. With a hard surface, as it was until recently, a large bomber could not take off or land regardless of the runway’s length.

According to sources in the Russian edition of Aviapro, the Russian engineers solved the runway structure problem. It is modernized and built of hard slabs. This new runway structure allows a Tu-22M3 bomber to use Khmeimim for takeoff and landing without any questions. However, the runway’s size has not changed, but analysts and aviation experts say that once the pavement is already improved, there will be no obstacles for bombers to use it.

Does Russia need a bomber in Syria?

In reality, based on today’s situation, Moscow has no reason to send a Tu-22 to Syria. There are several reasons.

First, Russia has a serious military force in Syria, and we can say that it has diplomatic and military control over what is happening in the region. Even if it sometimes falls into a stalemate with Turkish forces or comes to troubled times, Moscow can cause the available fighters quite enough. Mostly because the Turkish Air Force cannot fly in Syrian airspace.

Second, Moscow may need a bomber to attack an aircraft carrier. However, Moscow has an even stronger presence in the Mediterranean and has deployed warships, landing craft, and frigates at its base in the port of Tartus, Syria. Sources say more than one or two Russian submarines are patrolling the area underwater.

Years ago, Russia used a bomber in Syria, but the plane neither took off nor landed from the Khmeimim airbase.


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