F-35 over Lebanon. Hezbollah took a picture of the Israeli stealth fighter

BEIRUT, (BM) – Lebanese political and militant group Hezbollah posted photos on its Twitter account claiming to be an Israeli fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet in Lebanese airspace. Wrong or not, but in their Twitter post, they mistyped the model of the fighter – F-15.

Military experts note that to take such photos means that the Israeli fighter jet flew at a low altitude. There is no comment from Israel. However, this should not surprise anyone, as the Israeli Ministry of Defense has commented on nothing but revenge in connection with Israeli territory attacks.

We remind you that Israel is the first country, after the United States, to acquire the F-35 stealth fighter. This order happened in 2010, and in 2016 Lockheed Martin delivered the first fighter produced for the Israeli Air Force to Tel Aviv.

Israel’s F-35 air squadrons command two air forces, the Golden Eagle and the Lions of the Southern Forces. So far, Israeli F-35s had reportedly hit only Iranian arms depots near Baghdad in 2019.

Israel received a new F-35 version for its Air Force

As we reported on November 13 last year, the Israeli Air force has received a new F-35 Adir version.

Many military experts from both countries [Israel and the United States] call the F-35I Adir “unique,” but so far, no one wants to reveal what the fighter’s new features are and what its uniqueness lies. Military experts from the United States and Israel have speculated on the information, saying it makes perfect sense for Israel to test a new type of weapon used by the Israeli military in the future.

New version of the 5th-generation F-35 stealth fighter arrives in Israel for testing
Photo credit: The Drive

We remind you that the Jewish state is developing and integrating its Spice-guided bombs, which would mean that new developments could also be subject to integration and testing in the fighter. These bombs are known for having artificial intelligence, making them accurate and useful for detecting and identifying ground targets.

Other speculations by military experts are that the Israeli state will test new air-to-air missiles or an updated version of the latest avionics of the “invisible” fifth-generation fighter. At this stage, we can only guess what the new features and characteristics of the fighter are. Still, we know from experience that Israel does not provide detailed information about the tests performed and the results achieved, especially when the United States is ready to sell the F-35 of the United Arab Emirates.

Israeli-Iranian proxy war / cold war

Communication between Israel and Iran is mostly threatening and hostile. Such has been the relationship between the two countries for a very long time. This situation is known as the proxy conflict, the proxy war, or the Cold War between the two countries.

The conflict “appeared” on the world map after the Iranian revolution in 1979. In all the years to this day, Iran aims to destroy Israel as a state. Tehran supports groups and organizations that are hostile to the Jewish state and people. On the other hand, Israel is worried about Iran’s nuclear program. The proximity of the two countries worries Tel Aviv that Iranians could use them against Israel if Iran has nuclear weapons. Israel also finds its allies in the face of the United States and Saudi Arabia, which are apparent opponents of Iran.

Thus, this conflict gradually turned into an Israeli-Iranian war. The competition has been going on since the start of the Syrian civil war. According to Iran, Israel is ruled by an illegitimate “Zionist regime,” a Tehran problem. Iran’s other point of reference is that the United States is hostile to Muslims because it supports Israel.


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