Chinese bombers activated Taiwan’s air defenses in full combat readiness

TAIPEI, (BM) – On January 23, China forced Taiwan to activate its air defenses. The reason was the detection of 13 flights of military aircraft around the island nation’s airspace belonging to the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The Taiwanese air defense identified eight Xian H-6K bombers, four Shenyang J-16 fighters, and the Y-8 anti-aircraft machine in the identification air zone.

China showed a new bomber to protect the coastline
Chinese bomber, Photo credit: TASS

The Chinese military entered the identification area in a brief period – between 10:00 and 12:30. Military analysts told Reuters that such a time range is unusual and strange for the Chinese Air Force. The Chinese Ministry of Defense confirmed the flights.

Taiwan has been able to activate its existing air defense systems and intercept all 13 Chinese military flights. Experts say that despite the violation of the airspace in the identification area, such an incident could help Taiwan analyze the Chinese flights’ flights carefully.

Analysts see a connection with the new US President Joe Biden

Military analysts and political scientists from Washington see a connection in the frequent Chinese flights around Taiwanese airspace with the new US President Joe Biden.

The United States continues to have and fulfill its commitment to Taiwan, said Emily Horn, a White House official. We remind you that the Taiwanese ambassador to Washington, Xiao Bi-him, was officially invited and attended the new American president’s oath.

China continues to disapprove and acknowledge the sale of American weapons to the “rebel province.” This disapproval has been seen in Beijing’s actions in recent years when it forces Beijing to impose economic sanctions on dozens of US companies working in the field of defense and security.

Beijing has repeatedly stated that any attempt at sovereign action by Taipei will force Beijing to use military force. Tensions between Taiwan and China have escalated in recent years, especially during Trump’s presidency, which struck dozens of military deals with the Taiwanese government.

Taiwan will create a coastal defense

Last year, on December 24, the Taiwanese government decided to set up several coastal defense units. Taiwan News published this news. According to the Taiwanese edition, the island state’s new military units will increase the army’s fighting capacity. However, the new forces’ main goal will be to prevent the enemy from landing and landing off Taiwan’s coast.

According to the local newspaper, the establishment, training, and acceptance of service in Taiwan’s coastal units should occur by the end of 2023. According to Taiwan News, Taipei needs to create 12 coastal units, mostly by reorganizing existing military personnel.

China believes it only takes 24 hours

According to Chinese generals, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army can capture and disarm the Taiwanese army 24 hours. A similar conclusion was reached in September last year when China’s defense ministry “played” an island nation’s invasion using computer simulations.

Beijing published the Chinese invasion results in the local media, but the Chinese military released no further information. Military experts say China has failed to consider one fact that is part of the equation – the Pacific’s US presence.

According to military experts, for China to “subdue” Taiwan within 24 hours, this means a complete blackout of the operation. Something over which Beijing has no control. Especially against the backdrop of dozens of American reconnaissance satellites that would instantly detect enemy planes’ takeoff or launch a bastard missile.

Analysts in the Pacific region remind us that Taiwan has one of the best early warning systems globally, which means that even without the United States, Taiwan will know what is happening. It also sounds absurd if Beijing thinks it will be able to deal with “foreign interference.”


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