Russian SAMs, drones and radars ordered from the Far East

NAY PYI TAW, (BM) – The TASS news agency reports that a batch of the Russian Pantsir-S1 mobile surface-to-air missile [SAM] system goes to the far eastern country of Myanmar. The agreement between the two countries also includes the supply of Orlan-10E drones and radars, learned

The deal between Russia and Myanmar comes during the Russian Minister of Defense’s official visit to the exotic eastern part of the Asian continent. TASS reminds us that the relations between the two countries are long-lasting and full of tradition. Russia has sold various weapons systems to Myanmar, such as MiG-29 fighters, combat training aircraft, helicopters, missile systems, and more.

Russian anti-aircraft missile and cannon system Pantsyr get hypersonic missile
Photo credit: TASS

Myanmar has traditionally participated in various Russian-led war games. The purchase of the mobile surface-to-air missile should not surprise us. In the past 2020, we remind you that Russia and Myanmar signed a bilateral agreement on naval forces’ cooperation.

Is Pantsir-S1 effective?

Battles in Libya, Yemen, and Syria have left a bitter taste in Pantsir-S1 users. Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones have become common killers of Russian systems. There were moments of the clashes in Libya and Syria reflected by us almost every other day, and they all involved the destructive force against Pantsir-S1.

The Russian weekly Zvezda made a detailed analysis of these systems last year. In an attempt to protect Russian arms production’s reputation, Zvezda’s editors said the export version of the Pantsir-S1 differed significantly from that produced for domestic use.

According to the publication, export-oriented systems have only an optical control system. In contrast, those for the internal market have a three-coordinate target detection station with a semi-active phased array antenna.

According to the same Russian edition, Turkish drones, particularly Bayraktar TB2, are precise in their strikes of 4 or more kilometers, barrage at high altitudes for an extended period. For this reason, the electro-optical system of the Pantsir-S1 export variant is experiencing difficulties.

What does the data say?

According to official Russian specifications, Pantsir-S1 must locate aircraft with a range of 20 km and a height of 10 km. The Russians also claim that this system can intercept and destroy subsonic cruise missiles with a range of 12 km and a flight altitude of up to 6 km.

According to unconfirmed information, sources from the Russian Ministry of Defense claim that in recent years, especially last year, the Russian army’s leadership has not been satisfied with the capabilities of Pantsir-S1. They also claim that another mobile surface-to-air missile may replace them.

We remind you that some of these Russian systems went back into the production shops for updating in the middle of last year. The Russian Ministry of Defense did not disclose what the update is preparing and on which system chains.

In late July, Russian media reported that Pantsir-S1 had received an automated control system that would locate, intercept and fire air targets without operator intervention. However, they did not specify whether it was the exported version or the one for home use.

The Myanmar civil war

In general, Myanmar is at war with itself. This war is the oldest internal conflict globally (civil war), which began in 1948 and continues to this day.In 1948, Myanmar became known as Burma and gained its independence from the United Kingdom. Without the Queen’s control, many riots broke out in the country, which continues to this day.

Russian SAMs, drones and radars ordered from the Far East

Dozens of peace agreements have been reached over the years and have been violated at least as many times. The whole country divides into numerous self-governing zones, with many people living in them calling for each zone’s independence.

In reality, the conflict is ethnic. There are dozens of ethnically armed groups in the country, each arming itself to wage its ethnic battle. As it has already become apparent, the civil war in Myanmar has been going on for seven decades.


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