US may sink billions of dollars into new class of destroyers

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BERLIN, (BM) – How big is the influence of the arms industry on the Biden government? It is being upgraded. Orders are placed mostly in the naval commandos. Because of the ongoing “Eqtedar” maneuver off Balochistan, Iran reports that an oil tanker converts to a base for military helicopters, missiles, and drones, also equipped for electronic warfare. The cost estimates at three to four million U.S. dollars.

The Makran also intends to be a “forward base ship” for speedboats and special troops, as explained in more detail here. According to Iranian journalist Reza Khaasteh, another, a smaller warship appeared during the maneuver in the waters off Iran’s southern coast. The submarine fleet is also testing new torpedoes there.

The position taken by representatives of the Iranian leadership on negotiations with the USA is: The tenor is that the U.S. return to the JCPOA nuclear agreement is only from an Iranian perspective then makes sense if the sanctions lifted.

The U.S. Navy Command also wants to expand its fleet. But that has completely different dimensions. This action can be seen impressively, for example, in the desired project for a new destroyer, which Defense One magazine reports on. Therefore, the U.S. admirals are convincing of the necessity that “DDG-X” must be built and deployed to “stay one step ahead” compared to the Chinese and Russian missile developments.

The destroyer, whose abbreviation refers to its affiliation with the super-expensive DDG-Next program, should, as the admirals wish, be able to “operate competently within the enemy weapon deployment zones.” It should be equipped with hypersonic missiles and an independent power supply to operate the most modern radar and electronic warfare systems. “We aim at large and high-energy hypersonic missiles to remind the enemy that no target is out of range, at least not for long,” Admiral Paul J. Schlise is quoted as saying.

The cost of the new unit of destroyers of the DDG Next program, which is identifying in the background report for Congress as “Large Surface Combatant” (LSC), is estimated at approximately 2.5 billion dollars.

The DDG class, which is to replace the previous “Arleigh Burke” destroyer, requires political persuasion because of its enormous costs. It took nine months to convince former Defense Minister Mark Esper that ships of this class were needed to “deter or defeat China or Russia.” That lasted until September 2020, according to a publication by the U.S. Naval Institute (USNI) reports.

However, it has complained at the beginning of December that Esper just fired weeks after he understood and began to “promise investments in naval shipbuilding at the level of the Cold War.” Now the Navy leadership must convince Joe Biden and his administration again. It is “unclear whether the future Biden administration would provide enough funds to implement the changes as quickly as Esper had suggested in his final weeks in office.”

In the last week of 2020, Congress granted the Pentagon $ 696 billion, and the Navy received $ 23.3 billion from the budget.

“Members of Congress didn’t have much time to rush through the 5,500+ pages of the bill, which allowed Special Interest to add massive grants to the military-industrial complex. One government observer called the overloaded stimulus package ‘a piece of cake for arms companies “comments Responsible Statecraft. This publication is of a relatively new U.S. think tank called the Quincy Institute, which has expressed itself in previous statements critical of Trump and skeptical of the coming Biden administration’s intervening policy.

The Biden administration is also well networked with the military-industrial complex. No fears express in the circles concerned that drastic cuts in the military budget under the new president are imminent despite the USA’s astronomical debt.

The Large Surface Combatant cruisers had built by General Dynamics / Bath Iron Works and Huntington Ingalls. “Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are the prime contractors to equip the Navy’s surface vessels with combat systems.” (USNI)

In times of terrifying impoverishment tendencies in the U.S. population, it will be interesting to observe how the Biden administration reacts to the wishes for a super-expensive DDG-Next. The dealings with Iran will also show what contribution the new U.S. administration wants to make to the armament spiral.


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