Russian Su-57 fighter jet will be the 5th-gen only in 2022

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Russian edition Reporter published an article about the new Russian engine’s expectations and stages for the Su-57 fighter. As we have repeatedly mentioned, the Russian Su-57 fighter is still difficult to qualify as a fifth-generation fighter.

Reporter magazine claims that in 2022 Russia will have a new engine for the Russian fighter, known as Product 30 [Izdelie 30]. This engine is staging two of the propulsion of the stealth fighter. Precisely in the same period of the new decade, the Russians expect to receive a larger quantity than the ordered dozens of Su-57 fighter jets. With the new engine’s development, Moscow is deliberately slowing down the aircraft’s serial production, the publication claims.

Today, the Su-57 is powered by the AL-41F1 engine, which according to military aeronautical engineers, is an improved version of the AL-41. The AL-41F1 is a good engine. The difference between the F119 engine, which drives the American F-22 fighter, is small – only 9% less power than its American competitor.

The F119 is currently the most powerful engine in the world to twin-engine power fighters. F135 is the engine that powers the F-35 fighter jet and is also the most powerful in its class.

The Russians expect their Product 30, already known as “Saturn 30”, to be the most powerful in the world and neutralize Americans’ advantage. If the engine’s development goes according to plan, Moscow assumes that it will produce between 20-25 fighters a year.

Why isn’t the Su-57 still a fifth-generation fighter?

In early 2020, Russian engineers and developers of the project experienced difficulties in three areas – stealth technology, engine, and avionics. The Russians solved the problem with the stealth coating, as far as their claims are concerned. Lastly, a Russian journalist posted a video showing the cover being bolted, not riveted. For many people, this may not be a problem, but the bolts emit larger radio frequency bands, and at one point, the stealth effect has already, because the bolts release it to the radar.

The second problem was the engine. As we have already explained above, the Russians are serious about solving this problem and expect to have a more powerful engine than their competitors in two years. But the engine played a significant role in the refusal of India and China to participate in the project or buy fighters.

The third problem is avionics. The Russians currently advertise the Su-57 as a fighter with an absolute azimuth, i.e., 360-degree sensitive capacity. So far, we know that such technology is integrated only on American F-35 fighters. There is no confirmed information that the Su-57 has a full set of sensitive azimuth sensors. This technology is advanced avionics, and Russian R&D has not yet reached its development. Different messages from different institutes say that they are close to its development, but close does not mean ready.

What is the Russian Su-57 ‘criminal’ fighter?

The Sukhoi Su-57 has already received its NATO designation – Felon. The Su-57 is a single-seater twin-engine fighter. This fighter is super maneuverable, which should not surprise us, as the Russians are superior to their opponents. This aircraft is designing to gain air superiority. I think most of you will agree there will be no one to stand up to Su-57 in a direct dogfight.

The fighter’s Russian technical documents say it has two engines, stealth coverage, and advanced avionics. The fighter is capable of developing supersonic cruising speed. Some experts claim that the Su-57 has an integrated unique radar system. This system is located all over his body. Something that distinguishes the Su-57 from all other fighters in the world at the moment is the targeted infrared countermeasures system (DIRCM). Military experts say it is one of a kind and only the Su-57 has it. The Su-57 has protection against guided missiles with infrared guidance.

The armament of the Su-57 is also impressive. Equipped as standard with missiles that every fighter in the world has, the Su-57 is preparing to deliver hypersonic missiles. The Su-57 also took part in the battle. Russian Defense Ministry sources claim that the Su-57 has successfully passed combat tests in Syria. We also wrote about this last year.

It was the presence of the Su-57 in Syria that provoked severe discussions around the world. Mostly in a fascinating fact – the radars did not detect the planes in the air, and the world found out about them only when Su-57s landed at the Russian airbase Kmeinin in Syria. However, this fighter had its failures during its development – problems with stealth technology, avionics, engine. But the biggest was in 2019 when the prototype of the Su-57 crashed during one of its last tests.


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