Israel may carry out preemptive strikes against Iran

TEL AVIV, (BM) – Tel Aviv is preparing to counter Iran and may launch a preemptive strike against the Islamic Republic. An Israeli politician expressed a similar opinion last week, has learned. The Times of Israel published the statement of Likud Tsachi Hanegbi, who is close to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to Hanegbi, Tel Aviv can take such action if the new Biden administration decides to return to Iran’s nuclear deal.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Ganz confirmed that the Israeli military is currently drawing up various plans to counter Iran. Ganz told reporters that Iran’s enriched capabilities and advances in research had prompted Israel to prepare different “options and scenarios.” The Israeli defense minister did not want to specify what opportunities the Israeli military is planning.

We learn from Israeli sources that the “Iranian Directorate’s” notorious Israeli department must develop three options that will underpin Iran’s nuclear efforts. Unconfirmed information claims that the choice of direct military action requires hundreds of millions of dollars, and there is a possibility of reaching several billion.

Israel claims that Iran is preparing an aggressive policy and actions against them. The fact that they managed to achieve 20% enriched uranium proves this statement, say Israeli experts. However, nuclear physicists point out that 20% enriched uranium is far from the required 80% or 90% to classify this material as a weapon. We remind you that Iran has repeatedly stated to world leaders that Tehran does not plan to build a nuclear bomb, and uranium is necessary to develop the country’s economy.

Likud Tsachi Hanebi continues to reflect on the issue, saying that the United States’ return to the nuclear deal with Iran means that the Jewish state will once again find itself alone against Tehran. Moreover, he said, such an action would legalize Iran to the world and receive tacit approval and permission to continue its activities under its nuclear programs.

Hanegbi is confident that Israel will not allow such action. He recalled Israeli airstrikes on a nuclear reactor outside Baghdad and the attack on the Syrian missile depot. As for the landfill, Israel claimed that it was a screen for storing nuclear weapons.

The tension still exists

The threat of a possible conflict between Israel, Iran, and the United States remains. Although President-elect Joe Biden’s administration is signaling a return to Iran’s nuclear deal, Israeli intelligence is on the alert.

It reminds you that at the end of last year, US President Donald Trump also did not rule out the possibility of an attack on Iran.

The American edition Axios published material claims that the Israeli military was preparing for an American strike on uranium nuclear targets. Israeli intelligence claims that the Israeli army was on full alert because the Jews did not know the possible attack details, and Israel could also be surprised.

The New York Times also got involved. According to New York newspaper reporters, Donald Trump has already consulted with his military advisers on “military measures” against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iran is not silent, either

In early January this year, the Iranian parliament passed a new bill draft based on the phrase “Iran to eliminate Israel.” According to this law, the Iranian parliament and future governments must prepare the ground for their generations, who have the task of destroying the Jewish state by 2041. The same year is also the deadline for Iran to expel the US military from the Middle East.

The Iranian media published this news. According to journalists, the draft law is a voluminous document. The phrase “Iran’s revenge” is mentioned at least 16 times in the text.

It is clear from the circulation material in ISNA that the new Iranian bill is a voluminous proposal. The assassination of Iranian General Quds Qasem Soleimani is mentioning again. The material also reveals that Iran’s revenge is mentioned at least 16 times in the bill in the form of the phrase “Iran is responsible.”

In essence, the newspaper writes that the new law should lead to actions to end the Gaza Strip’s Israeli blockade. The new bill envisions marches [no evident peace or commemoration] to the Golan Heights and the Lebanese border. The bill even sets a slogan for the events – “Liberation of the Golan.” MEPs also predict the conditions under which future talks with Washington will take place and what support Iran’s “friends” will receive.

As for the United States, Iran is also proposing radical measures. Precisely how Iran will expel the US military from the region is not mentioned, but Tehran will conclude military agreements for no more than five years with any country that wants the same for the United States. Also, America’s partner countries will bear their responsibility, the new bill says. Under the bill, Iran has the right to respond to any threat posed directly by US or US actions.


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