US anti-tank missiles in the hands of al-Qaeda and Haftar

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The US State Department is entering a tough court battle over the fate of billions of dollars from arms sales. As DefenseNews warns, a lawsuit is currently being filed against the state by a young NGO attacking arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The plaintiff will provide various arguments for this transaction, not to happen. One of them emerges again from the depths of oblivion. Specifically, it is about how American weapons systems and materials have fallen into al Qaeda terrorists’ hands. Or how were Javelin’s anti-tank missile systems used by General Khalifa Havtar’s Libyan National Army?

The plaintiff suggests, and we can easily prove this, that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are at the root of the violation of the arms embargo. We remind you that CNN conducted its investigation into this arms case. They proved that both Trump administration partners had provided weapons and systems to al-Qaeda and the Yemeni rebels.

CNN revealed this information last year in May, and the unregulated deals took place in 2019. The Saudis and the Emirates “shined” after the United States decided to sell armored vehicles to both countries. The United States has ordered an investigation into the deals and the violation of the arms embargo. Still, as CNN notes, according to the two investigators, it takes more than a year.

The situation is similar because the investigators found Javelin anti-tank missile systems in the Libyan National Army’s hands, which is at war with Libyan President Faraj’s government.

Not for the first time

Nearly three years ago, published an investigation by another American journalist. This investigation proved that weapons produced in the former communist countries of Eastern Europe [Bulgaria as well – ed.] have fallen into the hands of terrorists.

However, the difference between the two cases is enormous. If we track the serial numbers of the missiles, shells, and bombs produced, it turns out that they were delivered directly to American companies, as well as to Saudi Arabia. I.e., following the laws of the international arms trade, the United States has also violated the arms embargo. This statement is straightforward could be proven by checking the serial number of each weapon and its recipient according to the end-user certificate.

The Pentagon’s purchase of weapons from the former communist countries of Eastern Europe should come as no surprise. That kind of action is done for the US military to be trained in military action against original “enemy” weapon systems for greater effectiveness and credibility. For this reason, the US military sometimes paints its F-16 fighters in the colors of Russian camouflage.

Under the guise of oil money and Iranian attacks

In any of the many cases we look at, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are involved. The two countries are waging their wars with Iran. They have an interest in having American weapons. But in recent months and years, the empty promises of the Arabs have become even more apparent.

The United States uses the “Iranian threat” as the main argument in selling weapons to the Arabs. In this way, they manage to overcome internal legislative obstacles that would prohibit such transactions. But how effective are they?

Saudi Arabia has both Patriot and THAAD systems. Nevertheless, the Aramco oil refinery was hit by less efficient Iranian drones. Thus, it turns out that the Saudis are playing the “American game” but in their mini-region – the Middle East. I.e., the Arab kingdoms need to arm their opponents to wage their wars, control the price of oil and US influence in the region, and ensure Iran’s marred image and the “changed faces” of Saudi Arabia the UAE.

Somehow the world very quickly and deliberately forgets how journalists are slaughtered in diplomatic missions in foreign countries!

The trial against the facts

We do not like to express a final opinion on such cases because there are several reasons. Military experts and forensic analysts say the issue is likely to delay the deal but not end it. They express their opinion based on the fact that there is no such president in the case law.

Defenders of the deal may also cite the fact that the United States is still inspecting Javelin’s anti-tank systems in the hands of terrorists and countries with arms embargoes. CNN’s investigation may be accurate, but it may be too late.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE continue to claim that they comply with the terms of their trade and arms agreements with the United States and have not violated the terms of arms sales. These allegations can also be decisive in the case’s outcome, mainly because they come through official channels as official and reliable information.

There is another role in real action, which is behind the scenes. Israel. The Jews made a truly unexpected decision and announced that they did not mind the United States selling the fifth-generation F-35 fighters to the Arabs. This reaction came at a time when relations between the two countries were warming up. But the Israeli lobby in the United States is vast. The impact is enormous.

It may turn out that the final decision of Tel Aviv may influence a lawsuit. And we must never rule out the possibility that Israel is at the heart of “the whole judicial theater.” There are many examples, but the “Russian-Afghan” problem is the clearest about Israeli influence’s effect and strength.


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