Upgraded T-80BVM tanks were delivered to the Russians

MOSCOW, (BM) – The Russian manufacturer of heavily armored vehicles, Uralvagonzavod issued a press release in which it says that the Russian army has received modernized T-80BVM tanks, BulgarianMilitary.com has learned.

It is clear from the press release that this is a state order from the end of last year (2020-ed.), Which the Russian Ministry of Defense has made. Omsk plant updated the tanks for this order.

According to the press release, the modernized tanks have undergone several tests to meet state requirements. Many systems, mechanisms, and correspondences have been checked and updated. The company’s management emphasizes that the tanks have completed all the technical specifications of the Russian army.

BulgarianMilitary.com reminds you that Russia made another order to the plant for additional tanks at the end of last year. The order is for over 400 tanks, but the value of the order is not specified. Uralvagonzavod says that after delivering the latest modernized T-80BVM tanks, they are starting to fulfill the demand for 400 tanks.

Russia’s ambitions

Russia’s ambitions Russia does not hide its purpose to become the number one tank manufacturer globally. Russians not only want to be the first in terms of tanks produced but also in terms of new generation tanks.

According to unconfirmed reports, Russia in the future wants to get an unmanned tank armed with a cannon based on “new physical principles.” The T-14 tank based on the Armata tracked platform has not yet entered service, but in Russia, they are increasingly talking about the vehicle that should replace it.

According to confidential sources in the military-industrial complex, the future tank seems to be unmanned: AI will control the machine [operators may also be involved]. Another key feature could be an electro-thermochemical weapon. We are talking about firing using a pre-heated propellant, which will enter the gun barrel under high pressure, and then turn into plasma. Due to this, the initial velocity of the projectile should reach approximately 4500 meters per second.

As a reminder, in August, there was information about the development of the concept of a promising Russian tank, which may consist of two links. As of now, it was about the possibility of using weapons on “new physical principles.” However, there is a significant conceptual difference: the previously proposed concept involved a screw-driven vehicle. All three crew members must be in front of the tank.

Russia already has a next-generation tank

Yes, this is the T-14 Armata tank. As mentioned above, the future of the T-14 Armata is in unmanned driving and artificial intelligence. But what is the T-14 Armata platform at the moment?

T-14 Armata is a unique tank of the fourth generation. The tank conducts combat directly with the enemy to support the offensive of motorized rifle units, fortifications, opponents’ human resources located in shelters and open areas. At the beginning of the last year [2020-ed.], a new “gun-ammunition” developed for “Armata,” which provides the T-14 with firepower that significantly exceeds the performance of modern Russian and foreign tanks.

Last year, the Ministry of Defense signed a contract to purchase 132 T-14 and T-15 combat vehicles on the Armata platform. The agreements are planning to be implemented by the end of next year. Now the state tests of the tank pass the final stage.


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