Call for Biden: US can stop Iran without troops

WASHINGTON, (BM) – The American edition of the National Interest publishes an exciting and logical article on the tension between Iran and the United States. In general, the author of the article Geoff LaMear makes an indirect appeal to future US President Joe Biden. According to LaMear, the deployment of additional US troops in the area to deter Iran is an unnecessary and ineffective measure. Here are some of the facts.

First, US troops’ additional presence in the Middle East will cost the US taxpayer even more. Between 45,000 and 65,000 US troops are currently stationed there. They already cost Americans a billion dollars a month. In a global pandemic situation due to KOVID-19, these are unjustified costs.

Second, more troops do not mean better efficiency. On the contrary, having more targets gives Iranians a better chance. Iran is not the superpower it wants to be. But Tehran already has much more accurate missiles than before – missiles that can hit the target within a permissible error radius of 10 meters. A few days ago, Tehran conducted a large-scale military exercise, which showed that the Iranians had precision in defeating.

Third, more troops, more stress. Do you remember the plane that Tehran shot down in the hours around the death of Iranian General Suleimani? This action was a mistake of the Iranians dictated by more significant stress—hasty actions without realizing that this is not an American military plane, but a civilian one. If the United States saturates the Middle East with even more troops, someone’s Iranian hand will not hold on to the missile button. I.e., some signals would be mistaken and could lead to an accident with much more significant consequences.

Fourth, American submarines in the area are sufficient. It is okay if the United States leaves Iran’s backyard. But to leave one of their most serious weapons there – nuclear submarines, which with a missile strike through Tomahawk would be much more effective, accurate, and long-term deterrent. However, the United States has, at times, more modern and precise military equipment. Somehow it was illogical for Washington to try to send more human resources in the presence of such a thing.

The author of the article in the National Interest ends with an appeal to Joe Biden. “This is not a call to strike at Iran because it does not recognize deterrence as it should. It is a call to the incoming Biden administration to assess whether the cost of staying in the Middle East is worth the minimal benefit we derive from it.”

However, let us not forget that Washington has the most severe ally in Israel’s face in the Gulf and Middle East region. In recent years, Jews have proven that they can conduct precision military operations on Iranian targets stationed in Syria. Their willingness to confront Iran’s nuclear ambitions can only support the idea that much of Washington’s world population should not send additional troops to the region.

Biden must rely on modern weapon systems as it depends on doctors and scientists in a pandemic. He must withdraw troops from the Middle East.


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