Russian Arctic interceptor MiG-41 with already 200 tests

MOSCOW, (BM) – In recent weeks, since the beginning of the Christmas holidays, Russian media continue to claim that the interceptor MiG-41 has already passed more than 200 successful tests. The Russian engineers performed these tests in a wind tunnel. This information suggests that the Russian fighter-interceptor already has a specific appearance and design documentation.

MiG-41 is a fighter-interceptor under the Russian program of the Aerospace Forces – PAK DP. According to Russia’s information, this interceptor is developing to withstand the severe weather conditions in the Arctic. Russian experts say the MiG-41 will fly close to space orbit and create a speed of 4.3 Mach.

Speculative allegations in the Russian press say that there is a possibility that the Russians will work on an unmanned version of the plane, in addition to the traditional one – piloted. cannot confirm at the moment whether the information about the “successful 200 tests” is reliable. We trust the statements of the Russian press. We asked our source in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation for comment, but the authority refused to give it.

The MiG-41 has been under development since 2015. There is still conflicting information about when is planning the first test flight. In Russia, they believe it will take place in 2023, but Western media believe that it will be in 2025. If the planned development goes according to plan and some activities made earlier, it is assuming that the test flight will be in the period 2023-2024.

Russia has confirmed the development of the MiG-41, but there are still doubts.

UAC President Yuri Slyusar recently announced that they would upgrade the entire fleet of MiG-31 interceptors by 2023. “We expect the aerospace forces to receive several dozen more upgraded MiG-31BMs in the coming years so that by 2023 Russia will modernize the entire existing fleet,” Slyusar said.

One day the MiG-31 will also become obsolete and will have to look for a replacement. The Russians started talking about it a few years ago. Thus, the General Director of RSK MiG JSC Ilya Tarasenko announced that the design bureau is developing PAK-DP [Advanced Long-Range Intercept Aircraft Complex]. In short, this will be a long-range fighter of a new generation.

“The promising aircraft will use new types of aviation weapons, will be created with the help of new stealth technologies, will be able to transport the required amount of weapons, and will operate within a vast interception radius. Now all these requirements are set in the appearance of the aircraft,” Tarasenko said. According to him, PAK-DP will become a unique fighter; the range will exceed 11 thousand km and carry both conventional and hypersonic air-to-air missiles and laser weapons.

According to Western and local experts, 4 Mach is a very high speed. An aircraft with such characteristics will weigh and cost as much as a heavy bomber and will still be vulnerable to air-to-air missiles and enemy air defenses.

Experts claim that the MiG-41 will make the MiG-41, but at a speed of 4 Mach, any radio-absorbing and stealth coating will fall, and the fighter will be visible on enemy radars.


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