New high-precision Russian bombs are causing jealousy in US

HANOI, (BM) – New high-precision Russian bombs are causing jealousy in US, learned according to Vietnam’s DatViet newspaper. According to journalist Tùng Dương, Russia has a much cheaper solution than the United States when attacking terrorists or insurgents. The author claims that the new Russian high-precision bombs meet all requirements.

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The US Air Force uses various high-precision air-to-ground munitions, which are very expensive to attack for such purposes. One cheapest is the small-diameter GBU-39 bomb with a range of up to 110 km for 70,000 dollars, while the missile price is even higher.

But in the meantime, the Russians have a new and very economical training bomb PBK-500U for $ 15,000, which can be used consistently and describes the American magazine National Interest situation. Experts believe that there is no economic sense in destroying an SUV, armored car, or tank with expensive ammunition. The result can be obtained for much less money while maintaining combat effectiveness.

The Russians tried to find the optimal solution for the use of weapons in low-intensity conflicts. For example, “Drill” is a high-precision air bomb designed to destroy all types of armored vehicles, radar stations, air defense systems, and other targets. Its flight range is 30 km, operated by GLONASS, protected by electronic warfare equipment, and weighs 540 kg.

This ammunition has 15 self-guided warheads, each weighing 15 kg. At the last stage of their flight trajectory, they part and parachute. Besides, the Drill can not only hit stationary targets but also destroy moving objects. The Russians wanted to put explosion bombs into operation as early as the end of 2019. However, the consignment of test ammunition sent to Syria is still assessing for their condition in combat conditions.

Therefore, placement is delayed, but its effectiveness has been proven. The vehicle carrying these bombs must be a Su-57 fighter, but they can be mounted on Tu-22M3, Su-24M, and Su-34 bombers.

Experts have drawn attention to the fact that Russian cluster bombs will have more destructive power than insoluble bullets. Simultaneously, the Americans used “missiles” without warheads to eliminate terrorists in the city. They “crushed” the vehicle with blades and destroyed the warriors inside, the newspaper concluded.

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