Iron Dome over US – second Israeli missile system has delivered

WASHINGTON, (BM) – Iron Dome over US – Israel’s second anti-aircraft missile system arrived in the United States on Sunday, learned The information was confirmed from the Ministry of Defense of Israel and quoted by several American and Israeli media.

Read more: New era in the production of the Israeli Iron Dome missile system is coming reminds you that from the beginning of 2019, there is an agreement between the two countries [USA and Israel] for the supply of two Iron Dome anti-missile systems in the USA. Moreover, in the middle of last year, it became clear that the United States and Israel will produce the Iron Dome missile system. This possibility became apparent after the American company Raytheon Missiles & Defense and the Israeli defense company Rafael signed an agreement to establish a joint venture.

The United States has been struggling for years to provide quality and reliable missile defense to the country. In recent years, Russia and China have focused their development in this area and managed to replace the Patriot, considered the best anti-cancer system. The Russians’ progress in missile construction is also part of Washington is looking for alternative solutions for its missile defense.

According to military analysts, the Israeli Iron Dome missile system has a chance to become a permanent anti-missile system of the US military. However, we remind you that the two Israeli systems are in the United States to conduct a series of tests. Their success or failure can influence American decisions.

“We’re conducting analysis and experimentation for enduring IFPC. So that includes some engineering-level analysis and simulations to determine the performance of multiple options, including Iron Dome – or pieces of Iron Dome – and then how we integrate all of that into the [integrated air and missile defense] system,” the Pentagon expert said back in 2019.

Yesterday, January 3, 2021, Israeli Defense Minister Ganz also expressed his opinion on the delivery. According to him, the Iron Dome system is another proof of the excellent relations between the United States and Israel in defense. Ganz thinks that such an order from the best-armed army in the world is proof of the Iron Dome’s capabilities.

In our ranking, the Israeli Iron Dome system ranks second in the world. In front of it is only the Russian S-400 anti-missile system. There are no prospects for this ranking to change soon, especially after the Russians begin arming themselves with the latest development in this area – the S-500.

The Iron Dome can cover and provide missile defense within a radius of 150 square kilometers. It is mobile and can be deployed very quickly and deployed almost anywhere. Proof of its effectiveness is the conflict in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinians. Very rarely, enemy missiles hit Israeli targets. The reason is the successful interception and destruction of the Iron Dome missile system.

According to information from the Iron Dome manufacturer, the system has a two-dimensional electronic scanning and active phased radar system operating in the C-band. The system has video systems and high-resolution cameras. The missile system’s chief designer claims that the Iron Dome is built so that the armed forces can add additional modules.

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The Iron Dome anti-aircraft missile system’s main armament consists of a Tamir missile, which is highly maneuverable and allows easier interception of enemy targets. The rocket works with electronics that enable its control from the ground and possible change of trajectory. The missile also has a radar homing head.


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